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  1. Took it to the garage today and they say that DPF is clogged. They tried to force regeneration when the car was stationary but it refused to do so. How do I force DPF regeneration?
  2. It was an intermediate service, so they did whatever had to be done (I guess). Some filter was changed but I can't decypher from the receipt which one was it.
  3. On my way back from work the Engine warning light came on. Engine pulls fairly well all the way up to roughly 2500 rpm at which the car starts slowing down regardless of accelerator pedal position. Oil is OK, water temp is fine too, No other warning lights came on. The car has been serviced 1600 miles ago. I suspect EGR or DPF but as I don't have enough knowledge of the oily bits so I need some directions. :)
  4. Cool radio! Maybe I shall put something like this into my Focus CC :) As to Mondeo, I am afraid ain't getting one. Missus looked at it and said that it is too big and too wide so she won't be able to drive it. Think it is time to cross the line and go German (something from VAG stables, not necessarily VW). SEAT Altea seem to fit the bill and got all the right bells and whistles.
  5. The HU I am looking for is the one with sat nav. I guess it got camera input? The auto is Powershift DCT. Not sure if this is any good though as I am really scared of DCTs after experiencing DSG on Skoda.
  6. I am thinking of getting my third Ford. I have Focus CC right now and love it (not many people do :)) and previously I had 53-reg Mondeo petrol Auto, which drove greatly but I couldn't afford fuel bills (mpg was in a region of 23-25). My wife's car (Toyota Prius) is slowly dying so I am thinking replacing it with another Ford. I've set my heart on two year old Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Titanium X Auto hatch (old shape). Are there any specifics of this car I shall be aware of? Any known issues? Is there rear view camera and if not then how difficult will it be to fit it? How temperamental is satnav/radio? I've heard some horror stories about it. Does it have to be from main dealer or an ex-lease car from a local dealer CarStores UK should be fine too? In short, any advice is very appreciated :) Thanks!
  7. The screen auto-off takes at least 1 minute and sometimes doesn't turn off at all, so I have to press button to force it to turn off. Speed sign recognition only works for roughly 70% of cases. Traffic stop/start feature isn't reliable either. There is no prebuffering so if you set the camera to motion detection mode then few seconds will be lost before the actual recording starts,
  8. I went today to Brooklands museum and gatecrashed photo shoot session in there. As I wasn't invited for it (I think the price was around 150 quid), I went into stealth mode and used long zoom lens to take a couple of pictures. Hope you would like it! Ford Coupe 1937 (same thing ZZ Top guys used in their videos) Ford Mustang There were some more non-Ford pictures (although not a lot as I had to be quick). I've put it on my blog page (hope it is OK to post it in here, but it is in Russian anyway). Since this is my first attempt to use the new camera, I'd really appreciate constructive criticism :)
  9. For my Focus CC I bought GS372 Normally it cost around 110 quid but occasionally Amazon is reducing it to circa 40 quid (that's what I've paid for it). Very happy with the dashcam although it does have some annoyances.
  10. Yup, AOL. It was quite a while ago :)
  11. My card was 'done' this way at Shell garage several years ago. However, I think the scammer was the most idiotic person on the planet as they have paid with my card for AOL home broadband access. How dumb some people can be? :)
  12. Took the car this week to Lakes District for a spin, mostly on A591 and some what appears to be C-roads (as opposed to A and B roads). 700 miles later... I think the tyres are now settled in. The grip is great; I was able to weave around potholes, stone walls, sheep and locals at quite a speed and the car was as sure-footed as I hoped it to be. It didn't quite matter whether the road was dry or wet. Granted, I have never managed to exceed 60mph (anyone who drove on certain parts of A591 knows why) but I think these tyres are much better in summer than Hankook Optimo 4S. Tom, Believe it or not but CC is quite a heavy car (1660kg unladen weight vs 1400 for comparable hatchback) so the factory fitted tyre is 91XL.
  13. From what I've read on the Internet, winter tyres got softer compound and that's why it is not recommended for use in summertime - the thread wear is excessive. As to this specific tyre, the "normal" tyres for my car were marked as 88 load, but this one is 91 XL, which means it can carry bigger loads and got stiffer sides, This explains its hardness. I wouldn't call it unforgiving - on good surfaces (i.e. not run down runways) the grip is phenomenal, so it should be great on a race track day. On uneven surfaces caution shall be taken, however, Noise-wise, it is slightly noisier than Optimo 4S (because of hardness?) and quieter than Michelin Energy Saver but it is early days so I can''t jump to a conclusion on this.
  14. Regarding 2 all seasons in front - I had this on my Focus CC this winter (couldn't afford replacing all 4 tyres). What it does for you is that the car will be able to start uphill in snow. It will let you drive on untreated B-roads but you really need to be careful as car becomes even more boot-happy than before (and for CC it is a big problem anyway). However, you won't get stuck in snow, which is good. In short, if you don't try to act like a finnish rallye driver, you'll probably be OK, but I'd rather fit all 4 all season tyres (if money is no object, that's it :))
  15. Had these for roughly a week now; drove 300 miles so here are my first impressions. The tyres are hard. If you used to "regular" all seasons tyres (and no, I am not talking about tyres that are marked as all-seasons by marketing department - I am talking about the real stuff, with snowflake and M+S), then you'll be in for quite a shock. Where tyres I had before (Hankook Optimo 4S) would absorb some small road irregularities, these won't. On a plus side you can fly over the speed bumps with zero chance to hit rims :) Fuel consumption improved by roughly 3 mpg. It could be due to change of weather compared to last week (the hotter it is the better mpg I get). Driveability - oh, yes! The mushyness of the Optimo is gone (remember, these considered to be one of the best!) and steering is sharp and very precise, Cornering is fantastic - the grip is great. Driving on uneven surfaces - tried it on abandoned runway yesterday, which got some potholes, etc. Not good. The tyres are too hard so when I tried to brake, it'll simply skid all over the place, triggering ESP alerts. It'll be interesting to see how it behaves in snow but I am afraid I'll have to wait quite awhile for it. :) Rogue2 I've got the same problem with my Yaris. The only all season tyre in this size on the market is Kleber Quadraxer (Michelin's brand). but reviews are less than stellar.