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  1. Paypal Scam Warning

    Yup, AOL. It was quite a while ago :)
  2. Paypal Scam Warning

    My card was 'done' this way at Shell garage several years ago. However, I think the scammer was the most idiotic person on the planet as they have paid with my card for AOL home broadband access. How dumb some people can be? :)
  3. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    Took the car this week to Lakes District for a spin, mostly on A591 and some what appears to be C-roads (as opposed to A and B roads). 700 miles later... I think the tyres are now settled in. The grip is great; I was able to weave around potholes, stone walls, sheep and locals at quite a speed and the car was as sure-footed as I hoped it to be. It didn't quite matter whether the road was dry or wet. Granted, I have never managed to exceed 60mph (anyone who drove on certain parts of A591 knows why) but I think these tyres are much better in summer than Hankook Optimo 4S. Tom, Believe it or not but CC is quite a heavy car (1660kg unladen weight vs 1400 for comparable hatchback) so the factory fitted tyre is 91XL.
  4. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    From what I've read on the Internet, winter tyres got softer compound and that's why it is not recommended for use in summertime - the thread wear is excessive. As to this specific tyre, the "normal" tyres for my car were marked as 88 load, but this one is 91 XL, which means it can carry bigger loads and got stiffer sides, This explains its hardness. I wouldn't call it unforgiving - on good surfaces (i.e. not run down runways) the grip is phenomenal, so it should be great on a race track day. On uneven surfaces caution shall be taken, however, Noise-wise, it is slightly noisier than Optimo 4S (because of hardness?) and quieter than Michelin Energy Saver but it is early days so I can''t jump to a conclusion on this.
  5. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    Regarding 2 all seasons in front - I had this on my Focus CC this winter (couldn't afford replacing all 4 tyres). What it does for you is that the car will be able to start uphill in snow. It will let you drive on untreated B-roads but you really need to be careful as car becomes even more boot-happy than before (and for CC it is a big problem anyway). However, you won't get stuck in snow, which is good. In short, if you don't try to act like a finnish rallye driver, you'll probably be OK, but I'd rather fit all 4 all season tyres (if money is no object, that's it :))
  6. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    Had these for roughly a week now; drove 300 miles so here are my first impressions. The tyres are hard. If you used to "regular" all seasons tyres (and no, I am not talking about tyres that are marked as all-seasons by marketing department - I am talking about the real stuff, with snowflake and M+S), then you'll be in for quite a shock. Where tyres I had before (Hankook Optimo 4S) would absorb some small road irregularities, these won't. On a plus side you can fly over the speed bumps with zero chance to hit rims :) Fuel consumption improved by roughly 3 mpg. It could be due to change of weather compared to last week (the hotter it is the better mpg I get). Driveability - oh, yes! The mushyness of the Optimo is gone (remember, these considered to be one of the best!) and steering is sharp and very precise, Cornering is fantastic - the grip is great. Driving on uneven surfaces - tried it on abandoned runway yesterday, which got some potholes, etc. Not good. The tyres are too hard so when I tried to brake, it'll simply skid all over the place, triggering ESP alerts. It'll be interesting to see how it behaves in snow but I am afraid I'll have to wait quite awhile for it. :) Rogue2 I've got the same problem with my Yaris. The only all season tyre in this size on the market is Kleber Quadraxer (Michelin's brand). but reviews are less than stellar.
  7. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    I've seen it in Oponeo, Tyreleader and Blackcircles. Event Tyres also mentioned they are going to sell it but so far I couldn't find it on their website. I guess not many sellers offer the tyre simply because it is too new. :)
  8. Insurance For 17 Years Old

    The funny thing is that the huge brand that is Tesco actually cost me less than the original 'box' company. :) I still don't get it.
  9. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    Can do but as it is unlikely to for me to drive in snow for the next 5 or 6 months you'll have to wait for a final verdict :)
  10. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    They only seem to make R15, R16 and R17 so no R18s. :(
  11. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    The release date is b/o May, so you can buy it already. I have ordered it this morning, estimated delivery is Monday so hopefully Tuesday my car will have new rubber :D
  12. Michelin Crossclimate - No More Winter Tyres?

    Hmm.... the review is great! As my car now needs new tyres I am wondering if I shall switch to these? Apparently it can be had for 75 quid a corner from German company Tyreleader (the size is a bit awkward: 195/55/16). What you think?
  13. Insurance For 17 Years Old

    It is indeed! :)
  14. £100 Parking Ticket!

    Wow, this is great result! Kudos to land owner for helping you in you fight.
  15. Insurance For 17 Years Old

    The thing is that this is not the underwriters I was talking about; The Box Innovation Group is the owner of those brands and uses the same underwrite for all of them, If anything I would expect that their insurance sold under Tesco and Sky brands would be more expensive that the one sold as Insure The Box (their own brand), because of the branding royalties. Besides, if my five-minutes research into the company is right, they were using the same underwriter (Catlin) for all of the brands, I just don't get it.