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  1. My Dirty Diesel :)

    Cleaned the rear today as it was completely black from driving to Falmouth and back, the problems of owning a diesel <_< Took this as an opportunity to take a few pictures of the rear end, as I haven't done that yet. I don't know why the pictures have turned sideways. sigh. personally my favourite rear of a mk6 but I'm just being biased Also today I decided to spray the chrome surrounds of the air con vents. I first went to spray them with the same metallic blue as everything else and then soon found out it was the wrong sort of spray paint. So I nipped down to Halfords and picked myself up a can of blue paint specially made for PVC, I put 3 coats on and used this as an under coat. I then applied the metallic blue paint on top of it, purely for the fact I like the way it sparkles (sounds a tad !Removed! I know) Also this shows the gel overlay from DMB graphics that I have applied to my steering wheel.
  2. My Dirty Diesel :)

    Thanks pal, aye it's tight with money but ah well :) you got a nice looking fez too :) Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  3. My Dirty Diesel :)

    Hi, I have owned my little fiesta since march of this year and thought I would start a post about the changes I have/will make to her. Not much has been done to her yet, due to being on an apprentice wage, but getting there slowly. Hope you enjoy :) Some pictures from when I first got her... The first thing I did was the obvious but subtle mods which were; de-wipering the rear, adding an aftermarket stereo and wired my sub in. (haven't taken any pictures of the de-wipered rear or with the aftermarket stereo in) One of my bulbs went within the first week of owning the car, so I went and bought some cheap ice white bulbs from Halfords (hoping to upgrade to 10k watt HIDS sometime in the near future) About 3 weeks into owning the car it got keyed, so I started doing bits and bobs to her to draw peoples attention away from the key marks and more to the beauty of her. I then added a few stickers to her windscreens; the standard ford owners club and a 'FYVE' sticker (my mates company) to the front window. A mapped midlands ZSoc sticker on the right hand side rear window and a K&N sticker on the left hand side rear window, and finally a ZSoc worded sticker on the rear window. The ZSoc sticker I then bought some DMB graphic overlays for the front, rear, steering wheel and wheel centres. From this point on I decided to change the colour scheme from silver and red to silver and blue. So I decided to do something that I had been debating since owning the car and spray the fog light surrounds, I sprayed these metallic blue. So I then went on to remove the grill, and change the colour of the line around it from red to metallic blue. Just after it was sprayed I then decided to spray a bit of the underneath of the bottom grill metallic blue. Don't know why this is such bad quality... Lastly I decided to spray the rear bumper/diffuser and tow hook metallic blue At a trip out to a local car meet, I met the lad who used to own my car and he informed me that it had a re-map and it now apparently runs 120bhp instead of the standard 90bhp. I'm hoping to get her on a rolling road soon to see if this is true. I will put the dynamo results on the post after having it done. A few pics of being out and about A list of the mods I would like to do to her in order of preference; Spray inside vents metallic blue Spray all grills gloss black Vinyl wrap her fluorescent blue or gun metal grey double din touchscreen head unit ST150 Splitter 10k HID headlights and fogs Tint windows and rear lights RS bonnet vents Second stage remap (If it has already been remapped) Twin straight through exhausts (one either side of the rear bumper) That is it for all, I'll update this as I do things if people are interested. Thankyou for reading and hope you enjoyed :)
  4. My Mk6 Fiesta Zetecs

    Ahh, my zetec s came with the same dash as a zetec aha gonna have to invest, but your car does look Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  5. My Mk6 Fiesta Zetecs

    Ahh, may have to look into whether it's a wrap or you can buy it :) Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  6. My Mk6 Fiesta Zetecs

    Looks mint mate, a lot better than the standard dash! Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  7. My Mk6 Fiesta Zetecs

    Looks good pal, was the red dash in when you got her? :) Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  8. Mk6 Fiesta Respray

    Okay, thanks pal, much appreciated :) Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  9. Mk6 Fiesta Respray

    Yes mate, any help is greatly appreciated, I hopefully won't be paying for it (if CCTV picks up someone doing it) :) Sent from my iPod touch using Ford OC
  10. Mk6 Fiesta Respray

    Okay, thankyou. If I can have a touch up job done then that's the route i'll take but I'm unsure if the body work will need stripping....
  11. Mk6 Fiesta Respray

    Hi all, first post in here so I'm not too sure upon how to word it but here goes. I was wondering if anyone on here could give me a rough estimate on how much it would be to get my mk6 fiesta zetec s sprayed or touched up (due to it having been keyed all the way around last night ), if anyone could it would be greatly appreciated :) Ryce