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  1. I think I might have found the right part numbers. For anyone who is interested, here they are: USB Port Finis 1497339USB Cable Finis 1520708USB Cable Finis 1520709 Those are Focus Stage 2 parts, but they should fit the C-Max according to my understanding :)I am going to order the parts from my local Ford dealer and see if they fit.
  2. I've upgraded the bluetooth voice connectivity module in my 2009 C-Max to a 8M5T-19C112-AR. Now I'm looking for the parts to have a USB port in my armrest. I can see the outline for the port is already there. On the underside of the panel where the AUX port sits, you can see there is a space for a USB port to plug in. Aside from the USB port itself I need the cable(s) to connect it to the Bluetooth module. The USB port on the module is a mini USB port. Does anybody know what the part numbers might be?