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  1. Afternoon lads, Little sister broke down again this morning, 3rd time in 2 days. She has a MK6.5 1.4 Fiesta, it overheated and was told it was the water tank/reservoir so got that changed, filled up and seemed ok, driving motorway the next day, leak, huge hole in radiator. So had that replaced, back on the same motorway today and EML, Steam, overheated AGAIN. AA guy went to her, pouring water in and it was just basically all leaking straight out onto floor - Just a pipe relief. Anyway he came out and told her it was the pipe from the thermostat to the heater matrix? Does this A sound about right and B anyone have the technical term for the pipe so I can get one ordered? Easy enough to do on a drive? Or book a ramp in the garage time?
  2. Focus Mk2 - 1.6Tdci Turbo

    Needs a new one none the less this one is shot. Is there restrictions on oil to the turbo? Mechanic pulled pipes off left right and centre and was happy nothing else was shot! I will have him check it all again still. Best price on turbos? Part numbers?
  3. Focus Mk2 - 1.6Tdci Turbo

    Collected the car yesterday, got my mechanic mate to go check it out, he confirmed it is just the turbo with a loose cartridge, so we put it on the back of the truck, he was happy nothing had been shot into the engine. Anyone know the part number or best place to get a second hand one from? So many on eBay all claiming 1.6 TDci but looking different! Thanks
  4. Focus Mk2 - 1.6Tdci Turbo

    It is cheap though so I was thinking cheap car, cheap fix and quick sale! I can recover it back on my trailer with my Navara and leave it in the garage until it's sorted, does;t need to be driven, just tempted by the opportunity to make some cash to be honest!
  5. Focus Mk2 - 1.6Tdci Turbo

    Been offered a cheap MK2 Focus, problem is turbo bearings have slight rattle, still being driven daily and still pulls "OK" now, first thing is that I will get this changed for a second hand turbo. Will any diesel turbo fit or does it have the be off a 1.6? So the ones of the 1.8 and 2.0 won't fit etc? Is it a straight forward fit? Unbolt old one and bolt new one in? Simple as that? Thanks in advance. Simon
  6. Any ideas? It worked and then it just stopped, I believe theres 3 bulbs on the cluster but not 1 of them is working, surely all 3 can't go blown? Don't have a handbook to hand so can't see what fuse it would be? All other interior and exterior lights are working fine? Thanks
  7. Hi chaps, got a car in yesterday, needs a new rear screen. I've ordered a new one just wondering if there was any guides, pictures, tips or hints about to help me along the way. I know it doesn't come with a zipper, can I just yank one of an old coat or does it need to be a specific size? How do I cap the end once zipped in or will it hold alone? Regards Simon P.S. Not essential but if you could help with the following small issues! Rear centre bit where the boot lock is, doesn't lock, nothing missing off the lock but I think the inside is where the lock twist into, how much are these to replace? Easy? Passengers storage compartment, won't !Removed! shut, doesn't looked snapped, again easy to replace? Or common faults that can be fixed? Radio Code - Anywhere to get this for free? Thanks again!