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  1. I think I might have just found a replacement for my Fiesta, with a bit more "Ponies" under the bonnet Thats one mean looking Nose
  2. Sorry if I might be Off topic, but I think we might have the same problem I woke up Saturday morning and my car just would not unlock with the remote, first I thought it might be the battery of the car, but when opening the vehicle with the key everything worked 100% So next up I thought it might be the battery, funny thing is it never gave any indication that the battery was dying, so I changed the CR2032 battery in the remote and still nothing, next up was google, so I basically did everything as above, and after four turns of the ignition between | and || it made the sound "ding" all good, but after this it just doesn't want to program my key, not even my spare key works, I don't get any reaction after the first "Ding" sound, what to do next??? any help would be appreciated. PS I have a 2011 MK7 fiesta OK I spoke to soon, after typing all this I decided why not try programming my spare key and "Walla" it works, so definitely a problem with my main key, funny, I never got it wet or fell or anything like that, one minute it worked the next it didn't
  3. Well now that the cats out of the bag about the new 200 ST would you hang on a bit or try and wrestle their price down with the new model soon to be released?
  4. according to Topgear it will have a limited run of 500 units per year. I am guessing this is the last update before the MK8, can't wait to see what the all new Fiesta ST would look like
  5. very nice, but still to expensive for my blood, I just went with the standard HID conversion kit, still working 100% after almost two years
  6. Would be interesting to see if it is possible, but in terms of costs I would just purchase a MK7.5, to answer your question and by just looking at the front ends I would say 1. the Bonnet needs to change 2. front nose 3. lights 4. fog lights 5. grill 6. bonnet logo internally I do think it's still the same vehicle
  7. maybe they save a penny for having to install a red Led?
  8. I have only seen the Orange light once, doubt I will ever see the Red in my part of the world. Ps. its 9:30 in the morning here and already hitting the low 30's
  9. I can recommend Yokohama's R1, so far I have no complaints sins fitting them and have done 6000km so far
  10. Is it not possible to purchase after market Projector housings for the MK6? I'm just thinking this because not a lot of people would go through the stress of doing what you did Kieran, only reason why I did it was because my MK7 Titanium had the projectors, so it was a straight plug and play for me.
  11. Mmmh I'm in the wrong line of work, anyone know if Ford needs a QS
  12. Yes only for iOS, and unfortunately not for MK7 Fiesta's, hoped it would work but doesn't :(
  13. Congrats with the purchase, always a great car to start with, have a look on the forum what the guys have been doing to their babies, of course you guys have the MOT to think about that side of the pond, but I would go for the small stuff first that could be changed back if need be, like De-tango, side lights to Led's, Gell badges etc.
  14. With regards to your question about the Bluetooth streaming, I always just use my Bluetooth to stream music from my iPhone, I plug my phone in the Usb port with my standard iPhone cable when I need a charge, but it doesn't play music through the Usb port only because you need a special cable that plugs into both the Usb and Aux port at the same time and I haven't purchased one yet, so for me the standard streaming through Bluetooth works great and with the new facelift models you should be able to use Apples Carplay if of course you have an iPhone, hope this helps
  15. As said above, you need Projector housing to install HID's otherwise they are useless and blind on coming traffic