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  1. 5Th Gear Crunching 60-70Mph

    Sounds like a good idea ill be home by sunday should get it done in the week. Although earlier I was forced to put it in 5th on a dual carriageway hill and it sounded alot worse happened at 55 then again at about 65. So ill deffo stay away from 5th untill i find the problem. Thanks for your input mate
  2. 5Th Gear Crunching 60-70Mph

    No I put in 5th at about 50
  3. 5Th Gear Crunching 60-70Mph

    True, A fair bit of reading for me then before I take the box apart - and a spare bit of cash in case it goes wrong I could always get a 2nd hand or refurb. I suppose it could be the linkage but I dont think its going to be that kind to me! Its a bit confusing because it shifts without issues and this is only in 1 gear at a certain speed. Cheers
  4. 5Th Gear Crunching 60-70Mph

    For now I am avoiding 5th as im still away from home... no tools! My knowledge on gearboxes is minimal to none so do you know if there's any way of confirming this? As I dont want to remove the box unnecessary but I suppose its coming off anyway haha Thanks for replying
  5. Hi I have recently been on a long drive in my cmax 04 2.0tdci and since then I have a problem.... Put it in 5th and somewhere between 60 and 70 mph there is a crunching noise and its asif the gearbox is not engaged for a second as the revs drop. I can drive through it and into 6th fine This dosent happen in 6th gear at all even through 60 - 70 mph I have also noticed if you creep up in 5th it dosent happen only with hard or moderate acceleration. just to add the clutch has been done before although occasionaly I get a tapping noise from the gearbox when the clutch is pressed - I assumed this was maybe the clutch release bearing or something but this is very occasional and not recently. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions If you guys know anything about this. thanks for reading!
  6. Disc And Pads Replacement. Bad Calliper?

    Ok cheers. I suppose I could find a local mechanic to do this for me but would this stop the screeching noise? I just read on another forum that your suppose to hold the epb button down when you take the key out before working on it and pump the brake pedal before starting it after. You heard about this? Thanks
  7. Disc And Pads Replacement. Bad Calliper?

    Okay it's all back together with a replacement calliper but its saying total epb failure and if you use the handbrake it makes a terrible noise. The handbrake light is also flashing. Does anybody know the cause of this?
  8. Disc And Pads Replacement. Bad Calliper?

    Thanks for all the advice here.. I have done as you guys have said and one side is complete but the other side where there was excessive wear is really jammed up wont even turn im going to shop around for a new calliper or maybe a seal set if I have the time to repair it. Just another small issue is the dash is saying 'total e hand brake failure' I suspect this is because of the work i am doing and the computer must think something catastrophic has happened lol Thanks again for the help
  9. Disc And Pads Replacement. Bad Calliper?

    Just read I need to turn it haha I was just trying to push it back.. ill have another look in the morning and hopefully all is good. Thanks
  10. The rear brakes on my 04 cmax started grinding so ive brought rear discs and pads. Upon further inspection the one side is down to metal yet the other isnt bad at all.. on the badly worn side I cant seem to get the piston to move back, in fact it wont move at all. Does anybody know how to get it to move without bleeding the system? Maybe its the calliper thats faulty unless the previous owner only replaced pads on the one side. Thanks!
  11. Diesel Runaway !??

    Yes the oil has dropped and is seaping out of the filler cap.. do you know how this could have happened? It seems fine at idle only happens when driving
  12. I recently replaced the head gasket and all the filters on my escort van 1.8d and now when I drive it I get uncontrollable red lining and it wont stop until I turn the ignition off but today I tried again and when I took the key out it got worse! I had to wack it in 5th and start it to stall. I was about to bail and let it burn out, I filled the street with white smoke! Does anybody know why this would happen to a non turbo? I have only heard it happening on turbos. Obviously it's gonna have to be scrapped, gutted!
  13. Brilliant. Thanks for the document I was getting worried lol. Its a big help mate, cheers
  14. I cant seem to find the code I have checked for stickers in the doors and the cylinder head and around the engine do ypu know the specific location? It dosent help that the head gasket is gone and has been leaking for a while and their is oil absolutely everywhere. Here is a pic though just incase it can be identified
  15. I will have a proper look tomorrow but it dosent say endura on the rocker just '1.8 diesel' its the non turbo version. I will check it out tomorrow and confirm though. Thanks