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  1. checked mine and it's the 8M5T-19G488-AM model, which unfortunately i believe wont do usb, so would need to buy the new module. ahwell, trip to the scrapyard this weekend to se what i can find. cheers for your help guys.
  2. cheers, will have a gander for the faceplate. does the module have to be the high spec one if im just after usb playback? ta.
  3. Is it a case of making your own hole for the usb next to the aux socket, or is there an actual 'face plate' for it? Im really looking to add usb to my fiesta, i have bluetooth & voice control already, and there is a usb hole on the module itself, so would this just be a case of buying the cables & getting the software update? cheers for the above finis codes.