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  1. very nice, will be a nice extra bit of poke!! im not 100% sure yet as to wether ill get it, because at the end of the day its still going to be a fiesta lol. extra horses is always better tho :D
  2. 10mm, not 10ml lol!!
  3. i thought the zetec s has the sports suspension which lowered it by 10ml??
  4. i keep meaning to take some but been busy with work ect, hopefully we will get some sun this weekend and ill take a few then
  5. Picked up my new zetec S at the weekend and absoloutly love it. Black, sideskirts, tints, spoiler, 17" alloys. looks the nuts!! doesnt drive too bad either, coming from my last car it rolls around quite alot but thats to be expected. Possibly looking at the montune engine upgrade in the next few months, other option is taking it to cosworth but that risks the warranty. anyway, just thought id say hi