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  1. @IKEAUKSupport its on the pic i sent....this was delivered like this, one perfect one crushed https://t.co/L9Ql53Izfe

  2. Has anyone elses #ps4 #playstation controller worn away like this!? http://t.co/6ekBnldsXB

  3. Thanks for the riddle......lol
  4. Haha friendly bunch you ford guys hey!? Pmsl. Yea went for the titanium anyway, its being registered and cleaned ect so pick it up weds, got a cracking deal to be fair, its unregistered with 7 miles on the clock, £14,800 including all the extras, pretty good i thought. As i know naff all about fords to be honest,i was worried id made a mistake as i remeber friends having the old zetec s and i thought that was one of the top models.
  5. Hi all Im gaz, i needed a little economic car for the missus to get to work and back so i went to vauxhall and ordered a adam in january....... Sold her car last week (porsche boxster) and went to collect adam yesterday and they changed my offer from 0% to 8.9% so i told them to shove it, this landed me right in the s#^t haha So popped to the local mazda/ford garage to look at the mazda 3, long story short the girlfriend saw a deep impact blue kuga across the showroom and was in love with the colour! Having heard alot of good feedback about the 125 ecoboost engine i took a fiesta out with the 100ps and i was !Removed! impressed, gob smacked even, after looking at ford stock as i didnt want to wait again for a factory build i had two options- Zetec s ecoboost in deep impact blue, no extras Titanium x 100 in deep impact blue, with upgrades- sat nav, rear parking camera, 17" wheels Which would you guys of chose? And is there much differance? The titanium was £2 a month more than the zetec s, oh and this is the girlfriends car just for work and back, not worried about speed ect as ive got a 911 for a toy/weekend car. So which would u guys and girls choose? Hi once again
  6. After a 3 month wait went to collect the car and they refuse finance! Even tho we were approved when ordering! @vauxhall @JimatPentagon #bad