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  1. My MK4 fiesta has a slight problem!!

    hey nah its petrol 1.25 zetec m8
  2. hello all i recently bought a fiesta which has a slight revving problem, what basically happens is it idols a little bit high so i have replaced the idol control vavle, this has calmed it down a lot but obviously still idols a little high wen cold which is normal, anyway when the car is nice a warmed up it will idol all normal but when i accelerate say to 2000 rpm the rev will stick at 1400 for 2 or 3 seconds then back down to 1000 rpm and when changing down from say 3 rd to 1st it revs up a bit then, can any1 give me any advice or tips who have encountered the same problem as me much apreciated many thanks James