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  1. No Pull When Starting

    Love my 2007 1800Tdci Zetec Smax most of the time but first thing on a morning it just wont pull away and I end up revving hard and slipping the clutch to avoid stalling. It's knocked my wife's confidence as we live on a busy estate and getting out into traffic has become a lottery - she now dislikes the car completely. Any ideas?
  2. Smax Manual Handbrake Stuck On... Any Clues?

    I had exactly the same last June on my 1800 Tdci Zetec (2007) and again the AA had to do me a Heath Robinson botch till I got to the garage - £200 for a new Unit. Bizarrely it went again this month though apparently this time it was a calliper that needed adjusted and the handbrake cable also adjusted. Horrible design and gives no confidence now