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  1. Lowerimg Spring Query???

    No in second pic the wider springs actually have frobt pribted on them
  2. Lowerimg Spring Query???

    Its a 1.8 tddi. My first ever ford and tbh i love it upto now. Ive always had vauxs and rovers. Was looking for a mk4 astra and foumd this only a few miles away and went for it. Its a zetec model and if im right has better suspension as standard??? Want to tune the engine do you know what can be done. I know the basics as in decat, filter, blank egr etc... but what about the boost and fueling side, remap gains, tuning box etc....
  3. Lowerimg Spring Query???

    I got the focus friday afternoon last week. And got the springs day after, accidental find on gumtree which I ended up buying for £30 haha
  4. Lowerimg Spring Query???

    Ive just knocked round a neighbours who's got a few modded fords. Hes poked his head under and said the springs sit right up further into car than can be seen. Said they will fit. Also checked codes on springs in gmax site and they defo are for focus 98-04. Cheers
  5. Im really scratching my head with this! How can this be right?! Gmax -35mm springs. What I imagine to be the rears as same diamter the lowering ones are twice the length of the standards. I know the standards are compressed but there not going to lengthen that much surely?!
  6. Hi All

    Thanks mate. The tdci is a lot more tunable with it being common rail. Is more remappable. And as far as I know also can have turbos and injectors from the 2.0/2.2. I know of a 2.0 mondeo with 2.2 injectors remapped to 170bhp odd.
  7. As tilted, im new to the world of ford. Have done a bit of derv tuining before so know the basics. Just need to know the ways about it on my 2001 focus 1.8 tddi. Thanks in advance
  8. Welsh Members

    Hiya, im Liam from buckley north Wales. New to the world of ford btw
  9. Hi All

    Hey there, im liam from norh Wales. Ive just bought my first ever ford, a 2001 focus zetec tddi. This weekend will hopefully be lowering her, blanking egr valve off and decatting her. Next will be tuning for more power and torque. Is there a tuning guide lying around on here or can anyone be kind enough to write me a quick guide on what there is to do. Thanks
  10. Tddi Intercooler Upgrade Advice.

    I've just bought myself a tddi aswell. Problem with fitting a fmic would be the fact that the bumper has no lower grill in the front like most cars. There all solid right across the length.