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  1. Thanks PHIL 87 and Sheriff , Looks like a trip to the dealer. Regards Nick
  2. Hi Everyone, I find the mamual with my new Fiesta not very clear. Today went round a corner and the Stability Control Indicator came on and stayed on to my destination some 5 mins away. Upon starting it came on again and then went off 5 min later. The manual talks of malfunctions . As the reference to this warning light is only some 10 lines I am unsure whether there is a malfunction or not. Can someone please give me some guidance . I would be most grateful. Thanks Nick
  3. Thanks Martin , You've cleared things up . Much appreciated , Regards Nick
  4. Hi The discription I give is from the manual which is confusing as they tend to cover all fiesta's . It shows a picture of the lighting control with the above three discriptions. Also it does have lights on all the time at the front due to the dealer tells me to EU legislation. Thanks Nick
  5. Hi , My motoring life , always Fiesta's , has been used to Side lights , Headlights and fog lights . I now find with my new Ford Fiesta ecoboost Zetec the choice is :- A Off B Parking lamps ,instrument panel lamps , license plate lamps and tall lamps. or C Headlamps Could someone please indulge my ignorance and tell me what " B " is all about ? Also where have the side lights gone or is " B " the side lights under another name ? Many Thanks Nick
  6. A great discussion everyone . Found article on Top Gear Site . Ford addresses concerns over Fiesta's capless fuel tank " How does it work? The Easy Fuel capless fuel-filler system acts as an integrated spring-loaded flapper door that allows customers to simply insert the fuel nozzle into the tank to fill up. Easy Fuel automatically seals after the fuel nozzle is removed--no waiting for customers to re-secure the cap, emitting fewer evaporative emissions into the environment. The technology was introduced by Ford in 2008, and other car manufacturers are following suit. Presently, in the Philippines, the 2010 Expedition and the all-new Fiesta are among the Ford vehicles that make use of the Easy Fuel capless fuel-filler system. What about customers' fear that vandals might tamper with the fuel tank? We can assure our valued customers that the Fiesta's capless fuel system is perfectly safe and secure. Ford engineers are not so clueless as to fail to take this into the design consideration. We invite everyone to personally inspect the Fiesta at any of our dealerships. Tampering with its capless fuel system is just as difficult as tampering with a regular locked fuel lid. To summarize, the benefits of capless refueling are? No lost fuel caps, no dirty hands, no risk of unwanted fuels, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and a fuel tank that's sealed for dust and water. The Fiesta's capless fueling is changing the benchmark. It really is the smarter choice " I open this for your comment. Nick
  7. Ok everyone , getting confused again . With the easy fuel flap I don't even need to push it in to get it open and it does not lock even when double locked ? So who is right here ? I will defer to your better knowledge on this . Regards to all Nick
  8. Thanks for your greeting. Yes I too am being surprised by the Ecoboost .I still like my Old 2003 Fiesta which my son now has. Regards Nick
  9. Thanks everyone above . Solved my problems. It's not always easy getting the information from these manuals. Still Like my 2003 Fiesta but it's still in the family as my son has it. Regards Nick
  10. Hi always had Ford Fiestas for over 30 yrs . Just got new one . Ford fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 5Dr Zetec. Please see my post Asking for advice . Thanks Nick
  11. Hi Everyone, First new Fiesta for 11 years so you can imagine some catching up to do. Have new Ford Fiesta ecoboost 1.0 5 door Zetec . Has this new easyfuel system . Have noticed that the flap does not lock so anyone could just open it . Is this right ? Also today a dull day and lights have been on at front. Am I right in thinking this will be Daytime running lamps ? Manual does not make any of thsi clear. Regards and thanks Nick