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  1. hi steve thanks for the offer mate. i have just been on your web page and seen you use the launch x-431 i have one and its up to date £400 it just cost me for the updates but it won't read my car do you know why mate it just !Removed! me off so much.
  2. hey everyone i need help big time i'am at the end of my rope as well as having the 2.0 si i have a family car for my little family a ST170 Focus on a 02 plate i have a miss fire on cylinder 4 i have changed the plugs, HT leads and the coil pack and pluged it in and it still missfires and say its on number 4 so i did a compression test and it has come out fine and i have checked the resistance on the injectors and thats fine. the reason i need help quick is cos the M.O.T has run out and i have had it tested and it faild on the emissons due to this problem pardon my french but what the f*ck can i do plz help