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  1. Happy Birthday starfire!

  2. Stiff gears

    Yes the clutch pedal seems ok,the car has just been into local ford dealers for problem finding but they say theres nothing wrong.As i drove away from there it did it again,as i said before its a brief problems,that seems to be a sticky gear change.there is no gear crunching or problems with other gear selection and if i put the gear stick into neutral then try to select again its ok.
  3. Stiff gears

    ford Fusion 1,steadly getting worse in past weeks,does it wether engine hot or cold.Difficulty engaging first or second gear,feels like somethings blocking gear stick movement.Then goes back to normal.Also crunching when engaging reverse.Engine will stall sometimes when pulling away.
  4. Ford Colours

    Hello ,having now purchased my Fusion,i can say so for so good.Is there a website that i can find out what colour my car is ?The ford dealer seems to think its Sea Grey.
  5. First Fusion

    hello again,thanks for your replies,glad to say ive took the offer and purchased Fusion 1.4 1. is it easy to refit a non ford cd player in place of Ford radio/tape player ?
  6. First Ford

    hello,Im about to purchase my first ford.A Fusion 1.can anybody tell me if there are any major problems with this model ?Reg;2003.
  7. Hello

    Hello all,im the new owner of a fusion,is there anything i need to know about servicing costs etc