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  1. Door Locks

    Hi all,I have a V plate 1800 estate,when I use the key to lock/unlock the drivers door the rear doors don't unlock,does anybody know what the problem might be,? And can it be easily fixed or will it be costly to repair? Any advice would be much appreciated,thanks Graham.
  2. Hi,the tick over on my focus is highly irregular,it races on a cold start and stops when warmed up,any advice would be appreciated,cheers Graham. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. Ford Focus Vibration

    No mate,no vibration,when you rev the engine in neutral,but contrary to what I originally posted I now think the vibration is through the car,but still only at 60-70mph,so any more ideas would be greatly appreciated,cheers.
  4. Ford Focus Vibration

    Thanks for that mate,I don't think it's warped discs or track rod ends,because it's just gone through an MOT,think it's more likely to be a driveshaft problem,just concerned it's related to the new clutch I had fitted 6 months ago.! Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. Ford Focus Vibration

    Thanks for your response captain peanut,just getting vibration through the steering wheel mate,and no I hav'nt had the rear wheels balanced. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  6. Ford Focus Vibration

    Hi everybody,I own a V plate ford focus estate,I'm experiencing vibration through the car at 60mph to 70mph,I've had the front wheels balanced but it has'nt cured it,I've also had a new clutch 6 months ago,any explaination or feedback would be greatly appreciated many thanks in anticipation,Graham.