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  1. you will need an iso connector for aftermarket stereos also i had trouble getting mine into the gap it turns out in a focus they are not actually double din so you may have to get a new fascia off ebay.. hope this helps
  2. Hello i was wondering if someone could help me with alternator problems.. Basically im running a fair good sized sound system and im looking for an up rated alternator, i have a focus mk1 1.4 cl, i was speaking to a bloke at euro car parts and they sell a 150amp alternator off a different focus, im just wondering does anyone know which other focus alternators will fit mine? Thanks in advance Liam
  3. Hello i have a foucs mk1 cl, i bought some st170 fog lights yesterday, and was planning to fit them today, i have found 1 wires behind the fog light blank on the drivers side but its a four pin connector instead of a two and struggling to find a wire on the passengers side.. im wondering will i have to make my own wiring loom or? Thanks Liam!
  4. Hello does anyone know where you can get a uprated alternator from that puts out more amps? im running a big sound system and ive got two batteries in at the moment but could do with a bigger alternator.. Its for a focus mk1 1.4? Thanks Liam
  5. im confused yeah my car is an 03? Should i use the one dan62 gave me or the 99 one?
  6. Thanks dan62 yeah i get how you do it now :)
  7. Hello im upgrading my central locking so that i can have a fob as i am fed up of using my key all the time. Im really confused ive bought a hawk ha-008 to put in.. but i am confused on how you wire it up.. can someone help? does anyone know if it links to the original cl system or replaces it, the bit that confuses me is where it says central locking wires.. but yeah what central locking wires does it connect to? i have attached a picture and the instructions it gives help.tiff