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  1. I'm a driving instructor .11 yrs no claims 1.8 tdci focus. £305.
  2. Ant one tried simply gently putting cable ties around the inlet pressure turbo hoses to reduce swelling ? I did and the difference is good. 1.8 tdci focus.
  3. Good luck finding an alloy.steel wheels readily available.
  4. supplier should ask a reg nos to ensure you get the right parts.
  5. Hi. Welcome. I had a "ford" probe". 2.5 v6.should have been rear wheel drive.
  6. It was the pipe feeding the pressure out to the rack.lucky for me I could break the pipe as it was the pipes and hose I was replacing.
  7. Is this type of power steering pump the same as a petrol ti vct? If so I remember one of the pipes being a pig to undo
  8. Happy to know ford have sorted the bonnet open catch.
  9. Goodyear efficient grip on mine. I've thought about this like you are.from kwik fit. I think 205/50/16 will make speedo spot on and not 3mph fast like the 55 profile.
  10. You can get an eArth pint even from the brake calipers .
  11. Ok thanks, it replaced my sacesava
  12. Thanks guys, I thought so. Anyway it passed 100k and no adviseries
  13. I've not seen one of these before . Have you ?
  14. My fuel filter was £ advise is fill plastic filter housing 3/4 with diesel and .... Don't drain the housing via the plastic drain screw as its prob going to leak leading to a never start