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  1. But if your driving at a constant speed say 70 in gear 4 at 3000rpm the turbo is still spinning ?? So you would hear the hissing from the air bin sucked in even though your not accelarating
  2. Is it the 125 bhp cause mine makes a slight hissing noise I just guessed it was the turbo spooling when not accelarating running at about 3000 rpm +
  3. Im also new and would like to know if any 1 can tell me how to change my profile to what car I have and gender ect
  4. Hi I had a ford fiesta 60 plate and had problems in the 3 years I had it with knocking noise when turning and a loud clunk on full lock they pus some special lubrication on it and it seemed to do the job but it took 6 times taking it in for them to decide that was it :o