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  1. Yer I did. The badge came with a '3M' sticky padding on the back which when I stuck on to the grill, felt really secure. It's been through 2 washes and seems to be holding up well so all is good so far :)
  2. Most of them that I saw on eBay were like £20 which are overpriced in my opinion. However I found one for sale for about £6 including delivery so I ended up getting that and it's great. I think maybe you'll just have to keep looking and see whether one comes up cheap but I definitely wouldn't pay the daft prices that some companies are asking for haha
  3. Haha I know, ordered some led's and headlights but ordering indicators soon :P Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  4. If you want to make your zetec s look better by only spending a couple of quid, get the 'S' badge... Before After In my opinion they make the car look better, let us know what you think :)
  5. Really like that, looks great all black! I've got the the same but in blue, just waiting for the overlays and badges to come, same as yours. I like the sill protectors and wind deflectors, they look really smart. You got any links for them? Might have to have a look at them now I've seen this haha ;)
  6. Yer defo the first one mate, I've just ordered the 'midnight blue on black' badges for my car, black is a much nicer background :)
  7. Wow you have so many mods on that haha :P Cheers for the link too, going to order it soon, which one do you reckon though, the red or the black? Here is a couple of pics of the car though, I think I'm gonna take some better pics of it soon though haha :)
  8. Hey guys, I'm new on here but it seems like a really good community and everyone is willing to help so I was wondering if anyone could give me and others some tips on the modifications that can be made on a fiesta zetec s (2013). Ive already ordered the 's' badge to put on the grill at the front and was thinking about putting an 's' sticker on the steering wheel but can't seem to find it online yet. I'm thinking about changing/adding some lights too but not sure which ones so would appreciate some advice :) Many thanks in advance, Nath