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  1. yes insurance is a problem for new drivers as for nearly every car that i have looked at polo, corsa, Leon and the punto evo they are all between 2300 and 2700 so that affects the car i can get, i like the car Phil but i was looking at the fiesta s due to the looks i like the spoiler, wheels and the front and rear bumpers and it would cost a few thousand to put it that way. I can get one in budget as 2009 ones with around 30,000 miles are about 5,500 and the dealerships want about 7000 which is a pain really.
  2. Hi guys, I'm buying my first car soon and need some advice ! I am 99.9 % certain that i'm getting a fiesta sport but a 2009 or newer. I only have £6500 for the car due to the price of the insurance, does anyone know anyone that is selling one or have any reviews so that i can get a better picture of the car im buying. Thanks Adam