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  1. key, immobalizer problem

    job done!!!! ford garage, £100. got new key+ original key now works central locking, not cheap but can stop worrying bout it now, cheers.
  2. key, immobalizer problem

    thanks for the reply, i will try that and post on here how i got on, cheers !!!!!
  3. key, immobalizer problem

    i have just bought a 2002 ka luxury that only came with one key. the central locking didnt work via the key but it did open the doors and start the car. i put a new battery in the key fob but it was just the same. i got a spare key cut at a local locksmith and was told my original key didnt have a transponder in it so it should not be able to start the car (but it does !!!). the new spare key opens the car but wont start it. the horn on the car doesn,t work and i am now wondering if the previous owner has somehow disabled the immobalizer and alarm (horn). any ideas anyone ?????