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  1. HELP! Which one to buy?

    Thank you craggy. It was a great review. I have decided on the 6 speed manual coz I could not get use to shifting the Powershift. Like making mistakes of shifting down instead of up. Worst thing that happen so often is that it shifts up just as I am about to do it, so with me clicking the shift stick it ends up moving up 2 gears. Why can't the Powershift be 100% manual? At least, don't let it shift up - imagine it shifting up as you are powering into a corner. It is ok if it shifts down to 1st gear when you come to a stop. Now I am thinking of tyres - should I change the 205/55 R16 to 205/50 R17 or 225/45 R18? I was told that it is not a good idea to reduce the outer diameter of the tyres (like 225/40 R17), coz this car is already too powerful, is it true?
  2. HELP! Which one to buy?

    Hi everyone, I am currently living in Thailand and I wish to buy a new Focus. I want to buy the 2.0 litre diesel model, and I love manual shift, so I can't decide on whether to buy the 6 speed manual or the new 6 speed Power Shift. Can you guys help? Please response quickly if you can. Secondly, I have driven my friend's 2.0 litre petrol model - 4 speed auto, and I find the handling to my liking. I understand that the 2.0 litre diesel model is about 70kg heavier, which I assume most of this 70kg is added to the front due to the engine SO does anyone know if there is any big difference in handling. I have test driven the diesel model, but I can't really know the real handling of it just by driving it for a short distance. Thank you, guys.