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  1. A nice long weekend to look forward to! Finish at 1pm on Friday and have Monday off too! Can't wait for a break after all the hard work!
  2. I'm not saying I was completely in the right, just that a minor thing didn't warrant his erratic and dangerous behaviour. I'll try and be more patient whilst waiting at junctions in the future.
  3. Because there was plenty of space (had be been doing the speed limit) for me to go and by the time he would've got close to me I would be been doing nearly 30. It's common practice in built up areas, doesn't bother me as a driver as long as there is enough space and they make the effort to speed up. Maybe I left it a weeny bit late, but I wouldn't pull out if I didn't think there was enough space to do so! (I'm not one of 'those' that just pull out regardless) Either way his actions thereafter were entirely of his doing...
  4. Being tailgated for doing 30 in a 30 by a **** in a 15 year old Zafira... Yes maybe I pulled out in front of you, but had you been doing the speed limit there wouldn't have been the need for you to accelerate within 3" of my bumper and slam your brakes on... He followed me through various roads for about 3 miles, practically touching my bumper the whole time and swerving erratically in the road, it's times like that I wish I had a rear dashcam. Don't think he liked the fact that for a period of time (down an incline) that I pressed the brakes just enough for the lights to come on...i know it's not a good idea but he deserved it. Scum of the earth...
  5. No I doubt it, dad has never believed in them and winters here aren't severe enough most of the time to warrant them. Hopefully I'll be changing my wheels in the not too distant anyway!
  6. Wow you do to a lot of miles! I think I've done about 300 miles in the last 2 weeks after passing my test, and that's a lot for me! Starting to become the school taxi though so it will increase...
  7. If only I were so lucky! It was just one of my aunt and uncles Silver Wedding anniversary, all my family was there. Was a really nice time.
  8. I do like making it to Oxford and back in one piece! M25 and M40 were fine, if a little slow (M25 more so...) but I don't really see why people are afraid of motorways. Had a road rage incident too...ii didn't let a van merge in at the last minute (he skipped the queue and tried to merge during roadworks) which resulted in all matter of profanity including nice hand gestures...we had a laugh and we all (mum and two cousins inlcuded) returned the favour! Was quite funny really!
  9. Mum arriving back home in the storm last night, and in her haste to get from her car to the front door without getting soaked, she slammed her car door into the Focus. It's left a relatively small dent but noticeable if you know where to look, she said she'd pay for it to be fixed so it'll get done when the bonnet and O/S front quarter panel are resprayed. Never mind, accidents happen!
  10. Looks nice, shame about the engine! Mk3 Titanium X Ecoboost perhaps?
  11. Perfectly fine on my Focus, I find it sticks to the road and they are nice and quiet!
  12. Yes it's worrying that people from this millennium will be able to drive next year, and I was born in mid 1999! Also, I don't think Scotland ever gets 30c!
  13. No I don't, I was 2 when it happened although I've always know that it happened. Mum said she and my aunt had been to homebase to buy door handles (of all things!) came back back and saw what was unfolding on the TV. I can imagine the sense of disbelief across the world when that second plane hit. I do remember the 7/7 bombings, watching it on my grandparents TV as a 6 year old, we were staying there as we had just moved back down south from Leicestershire. 7/7 was bad enough in itself, 9/11 doesn't seem real.
  14. Sobering stuff.
  15. Reading a few articles about the September 11 attacks, including hearing of Brits who were there at the time, or just a few days before. Thought it was relevant seeing it was 15 years since the other day. Very sombre reading, hard to believe that something so tragic and that magnitude happened in the modern a modern country too. Went to the memorial a few years ago, didn't feel like I was standing on the spot where nearly 3,000 people died...