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  1. It's quite easy to rev a little too much when trying to find the biting point and balancing the accelerator and clutch, I think it's just a sensitive throttle. Can't really comment on any other cars as I've only ever driven one other (been driving 6 months)
  2. Haha! Do you think there is a likelihood of them failing then? I'm sure if they do it'll be an easy fix. Was quite pleased I was able to pay for the MOT myself tbh, I know it's not much but it's something, bit fed up of asking dad for money all the time as he pays my allowance, phone, car insurance, petrol etc. At least tax is only £30 when it needs renewing in May!
  3. I do like that it's Friday. The Focus passed it's MOT with no advisories, but then so it should seeing it's not even done 15k yet!! Also had my first official exam today, an English Oral in which I had to do a 15 minute commentary on a very dreary poem. (Phillip Larkin if anyone is interested!) But i got the poem i was most confident in, so overall im pleased. Roll on German Oral next week...
  4. And that's a bad thing...? Just because you don't like Vauxhall doesn't mean jobs should be lost because of it! I'm all for it if it supports the UK economy.
  5. Mine needs it's first MOT at the end of the month, that means it must be getting old.
  6. Haha no they're "classic"
  7. 17 plate comes out on 1st March. My Focus was registered on the 25th Feb so was just a few days off the new plate! Dad's got one coming but it won't be here until April, so will be in the new tax bands! A V12 is hideously expensive to tax anyway so probably won't make much difference haha. I like cleaning a few cars too, namely the Range Rover and my godmother's elderly C-Class. I do love that carport!
  8. Looks nice, congrats! Very similar price to mine that I bought back in May last year, which was £10,300 (give or take) at just over 2 years old with 10,800 miles. I also changed my wheels to Titanium X ones so bar the absence of xenons its pretty much like a Tit X! Would love to see more pics.
  9. Somehow I missed the OP, car looks stunning! I am averaging around 43mpg, lots of short trips but not around town, mainly country roads with not too much traffic. Car has 14k miles on it so would assume it's nice and run in by now!
  10. I would say that Vauxhalls are cheaper than the French equivalent due to their even steeper depreciation! Ford isn't far behind.
  11. Haha don't worry about it. I get what you mean about 'ugly car' After all, a yellow Corsa is a niche choice. Good for him having such a vibrant colour at his age though, most elderly people drive grey Jazz's. Glad it hasn't put him off getting another one.
  12. Still doesn't excuse vandalising a pensioners car though. Poor guy, why shouldn't he have a colour he likes? Good on him for saying he'll get a green one if that one is written off!
  13. Haha I hope so! I'm just convened that they're now at the age where numbers are declining rapidly. Nice to see yours being looked after though, especially seeing as they're earlier examples. Plus 1999 is the best year. Thanks, yes I've been really busy since the new year, straight into exams and lots of final deadlines. It's the final push towards the end in May! Hopefully I'll be around a bit more now exams are over for the time being. Yes unfortunately at home the cars are exposed to the elements, I know it doesn't damage them but it was great to see that my Focus was nice and dry despite it pouring with rain! Didn't last long though as I had to drive home. The salt has been really irritating, but hopefully the downpours have washed most of it away now. Yes it's very sturdy! Judt needs the roof tiles, electricity, lighting and varnishing now. Yes from what I've heard they're one piece but I'm not entirely sure! I find the mudflaps do help a fair bit, my car gets less muddy than my friends Fiesta without them.
  14. I like my dad's new car port! It's great to have my beloved Focus protected when I visit! Although I will have some competition from the Range Rover and Aston (when it arrives) but one of them may be magically parked elsewhere when I visit. It's not quite finished but till do for now. Shame my car is covered in salt! I hate winter. Oh and I also like my new dashcams that were fitted last week!
  15. @jmurray01 I'm jealous of your two MK1s! They both look in good condition too, especially seeing the white one is my age. I'm sure you'll look after them, try not to put the mileage up too quickly! I hope I'll get one one day.