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  1. I'm not saying I'm a brilliant driver, but with some examples that I've seen in my 4 months of driving (well since I passed) I don't know how some people managed to pass a test, or whether they did at all! Can't wait for my dashcams to be fitted on the 25th!
  2. @Lenny I have to admit, I find it very surprising that simply melted cheese could've damaged the pump, are you sure she didn't put something in there with it? One would've thought that detergent and 50-60c water would help to dislodge it. I don't generally put solid bits into our Bosch dishwasher, just scrape the plates before hand. It's always provided excellent results (as does the Cyprus one and my dad's one) so I'd recommend getting another one, just hope she doesn't break it! Or you could take the extreme approach that my dad uses, where he washes the plates in the sink and then puts them in the dishwasher... He gets angry when I put dirty things in it!
  3. You've taken the words straight out of my mouth! Tom, Jamie is right, if you can't afford extra outlay to run the car but have a £6k budget, it would make sense to go cheaper and keep a bit as a contingency for any maintenance. Yes, you'll be driving an older car but you'll be much less stressed about going over your monthly motoring budget. Haha! Sounds harsh, but a car sold privately, is a car that's sold as seen. Of course, it needs to be priced accordingly and any major issues should be declared by the seller in order for it to be a fair sale. Like when we sold the 207 last August, the buyer was told the A/C didn't work and needed rehashing (Although it probably needed a new pipe) but the seller didn't like A/C anyway so it wasn't an issue for her. We also said that it needed new front tyres. So she was fully aware and the car was sold as seen for the asking price. You've just got to be vigilant when buying privately but it can pay off.
  4. But don't you do low mileage anyway? Surely a few mpg won't make much of a difference over say 10k miles compared to a diesel. Whilst the petrols will be a bit more to tax, fuel is slightly cheaper and servicing is less too. The petrol models seem to be a bit cheaper as well... Probably won't as much as a difference as you think, especially seeing as you want a newer car and most of the diesels will have DPFs you'll be back to square one. & Jamie is right, an old car won't necessarily be a money pit simply because it's old, you could buy a 5 year old car that is a complete money pit simply because it hasn't been looked after. Find a tidy example and it should serve you well.
  5. Maybe you should just get an old petrol Focus for a year, drive it a bit and sell it a year later for not far off what you paid for it.
  6. I personally don't see why you're concerned about leaving people waiting at traffic lights when leaving the car in only takes a second to press the clutch and go into first and by that time I'm already moving (albeit slowly) although I normally don't bother with the handbrake. It's certainly worth it in order to use the stop/start system. Mine has hill assist although it doesn't always work, on a steep hill I'd use the handbrake. I'm averaging 44mpg, a fair amount of my driving is country roads and driving at 30 in 4th.
  7. No it's only the metal cover (whole pedal is included) that needed glueing on, the pedal itself is perfectly fine and fits as it should.
  8. I bought those too, great for the price. They fit well, only thing is I had to superglue on the metal pieces to the brake and clutch pedal as they kept falling off!
  9. Merry Christmas guys.
  10. I got moaned at for getting up at 11 this morning! Still got a few nice presents, mum always chooses well seeing I didn't really want anything that wasn't £500+ I'll be her chauffeur for the next few days so hopefully I'll redeem myself. Merry Christmas everyone.
  11. People don't discipline their children properly nowadays. I mean,I was born in 1999 and my mum always used to smack me if I was naughty. Admittedly it wasn't very often as I was generally well behaved. I didn't like it when she used to pull me by my ear though, now that hurt! It did the job it was meant to though and it's never done me any harm in the long term. I don't really understand the problem with hitting children as long as it's justified and not OTT (ie not very often) but that's me. Well, Santa is allowed to come early for some adults, so he can get all the children done on Christmas Eve, isn't he?! Nice of your mum to go to the effort though. I don't think age really matters tbh, you should be grateful she still bothers! (IMO of course) However you can't beat a nice stocking. It's my favourite part even now.
  12. But don't you have to notify them that you've been involved in an at fault accident even if you're not planning to claim?
  13. Blimey, sorry to hear that Jamie. Glad you're OK. At least you had a strong old Merc protecting you, the 405 might not have stood up so well, and I know you would be even more gutted if that was written off. Stay positive.
  14. Yes a 1.0 is probably a bit of a shock to the system for Americans used to massive engines! I'm amazed Ford even offered it there, especially in something even bigger than a Fiesta like the Focus. Are manuals really that unpopular then? When I went to California last year I saw a few Fiestas but loads more Focus'. Obviously the slight increase in size makes it much more appealing. I noticed a lot of them were hatches too, but in California they are quite keen on European cars and the hatch is more stylish so maybe that's a pluspoint. (IMO of course) The hatch is more expensive though isn't it? Don't know why! Maybe they're popular in cities due to them being more compact and easier to park... Ive noticed quite a few new hatches are going on the market there including big sellers like the Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic hatchbacks.
  15. Welcome! Nice colour but I have to admit the Fiesta looks a bit odd as a saloon though! Americans aren't keen on hatches are they? Although I've heard they're getting more popular again? Good choice of engine, is it a manual or auto?