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  1. Yeah I went too fast too, it was pouring with rain and the nerves got to me! I'll do some practicing on Tuesday before i go to Cyprus. The visibility is fine, I just need to take a more relaxed and slower approach!
  2. Yes it was awful! I forgot to lower my wing mirror so couldn't see the kerb and ended up on the pavement... Apparently they don't like that! To be fair I've only ever done 2 parallel parks in my life so doing one completely on my own under test conditions was a big step. Just need to practice! It was interesting to see my smile and chatty instructor turn into a straight faced examiner though. Took me a few minutes before I took it seriously! Yes I will do it in the Focus. As i said just need to practice the maneuvers and hill starts.
  3. I get that too Jamie, often get pulled out on! People obviously assume that because I have L plates on I will drive at 12mph everywhere... Rather the opposite actually, I drive at the speed limit all the time! I don't like the mock driving test I had today, obviously I failed terrible parallel parking and rolled back on a hill) but the weather was awful and it was very intense. Good practice though and my instructor (surprisingly) said I did very well for my first practice. Hopefully will be on track for the real thing!
  4. Sainsbury's and Waitrose. They are both the biggest supermarkets and practically next door to each other! The Sainsbury's was rebuilt a few years ago so it's nice and modern, whilst Waitrose is Waitrose! The store atmosphere is one of the most important things for me. Mum uses Tesco Express for odd things but I don't like Tesco particularly.
  5. Yes I thought they sounded like Vauxhall! Oh should it? I'm almost definite it had Harriers, typical Peugeot probably ran out or put the wrong wheels on it! I need to ask my uncle as he might have a few pictures on it. (They owned it from new before we bought it.)
  6. You're talking about 306s? Why wasn't I tagged?? Whilst the saloon isn't nearly as good looking as the hatch, i think it has a certain charm to it. Love the fact it has a rear wiper too! Why don't you ask the garage about its situation, maybe they/the owner could keep you in mind when they want to move it on? You've got nothing to lose. Yes our Dec 95 306 SRi or SXi (?) 2.0 petrol had harriers. I want a 306 and MK1 Focus so badly.
  7. They are a pain aren't they!? Haha no I had a few more but the Fiesta driver was the worst...could've easily ended in an accident. Makes my blood boil that people think it's OK to be so irresponsible whilst driving!
  8. Nope unfortunately...i have to admit I was a bit surprised when he put it on, but can't exactly say no! I'll look better tomorrow but AFAIK there weren't any marks. I'll polish any out after I've passed (got a few from the L plates too!) One of the many joys of learning to drive... Driven about 100 miles today without any mishaps (apart near miss with a Fiesta driver on his phone veering into my lane on the Chichester bypass, would've reported him if I had a dash cam). Counting down until my test now, hurry up 8th September!
  9. I do like having my first driving lesson in the Focus! I feel much more at ease driving and my instructor seems pleased with my progress. He even put on the magnetic sign on the roof! Off to Chichester now, should be a nice drive!
  10. Where my dad used to live, he had to park his car on the street. He had a W reg gold/silver Discovery 2 at the time and I remember seeing it one morning with blood all down the side of it! Apparently a drunk guy and been in a fight and was (obviously) bleeding and was pinned up against the car when he was nicked. Not sure whether dad washed it off immediately or not, but probably got some strange looks by passers by!
  11. Just thought I'd do a quick update, the car has been excellent and it's really great for learning to drive in. It's now coming up for 2 and a half years old and is about to tick over 12,000 miles. I'm looking forward to keeping this car for the next few years and hopefully the next update will contain some modifications I plan to do! Anyway, I washed it today; I still can't get enough of this colour, and the car will look stunning with a ZS spoiler and bigger alloys! One very happy owner.
  12. Looks stunning.
  13. Cheers Alex, i think that's a good way forward!
  14. Thanks guys, they look more promising than other aftermarket ones I've seen! I have to admit I'm still not totally convinced on spending over £300 on lights...maybe it would be better spent on a spoiler? The only issue is insurance and modifications... Other mods will be dash cam and bigger alloys be I'm hoping they'll be Christmas and birthday pressies. Any thoughts? PS Alex I'd love my car to look similar to your 2012 Focus, those little things like a spoiler and fog light surrounds look brilliant!
  15. Yeah I guess that was the look I was going for, IMO thry look more OEM than the grille ones. I've sen a few Foci around with the grille ones and they look a bit naff buy they're probably aftermarket ones. Are the Ford ones any better?