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  1. Newer Merc's generally have better steering feel than the equivalent Audis, so I've heard. But none of them will exactly set the world alight with feel. BMW probably is best for driver involvement.
  2. Even if you don't have a car in NY it's likely you'll end up in a Ford Taxi! I got to go in a few C-Max Hybrids and a Ford Escape Hybrids. Didn't go in a Crown Vic as I wanted to go in a hybrid and went in a Prius instead.
  3. I've passed my test 7 and a half months ago, hav not hit anything yet...not everyone is the same. One of my friends has a 65 plate Fiesta Titanium as his first car, hes done about 10k miles in a year in it and hasn't had any issues, the only dent in it was caused by someone else in a car park! Plus a ZS is only a Zetec with a body kit, not exactly a 208 GTI as you describe! A GTI is excessive as a first car. The ZS ounds like the perfect first car if you ask me. I'd rather be driving a newer, safer car as a new driver if the worst happens and I'm involved in an accident. Congrats OP on passing, won't take long to get into the swing of things properly. When I was learning I stalled my Focus a few times, strangely putting the car into neutral and releasing the clutch, then pressing the clutch again seemeseemed to restart the car unless it said "manual restart required" not sure if there's a similar system in the Fiesta or not.
  4. What do you define as "modern"? Yes, the ones from 10 years ago weren't the best but the C4 Cactus and new C3 have been well received by reviewers and the public. Whether you like them or not is a different matter, I don't see why they are "terrible cars" personally. It's all personal taste.
  5. That certainly sounds like ours, although we are in Surrey, so a fair distance away! But here it is... And today, we went to the Simply Aston Martin show at Beaulieu Motor Museum, a great day out, met a few people from Pistonheads and there were over 300 other Astons there. Beautiful weather too! What more could you want?! People kept getting in my pictures! It attracted lots of attention, as there were only another 5 or so DB11's present. If I'd had the final say on the colour... Still prefer the Rangie though (and of course my beloved Focus, I for one am convinced it would beat the Aston in a drag race ) Lovely to see British engineering at its best!
  6. Yes it certainly does, I'm not a nervous driver at all normally, quite happy to drive on motorways etc, but parking has always put me in a bit of a panic! I've been passed 7 months now so it's getting easier, but that particular time I just didn't give enough room to swing in to the space, it was a narrow multistory... I park in it regularly so will try and avoid that certain area in the future! Luckily nobody was watching when I was making a fool of myself! Haha many i shouldn't! I plan to get it evicted from the car port when I come for the Focus but not sure what dad would think about that! Oh sounds good, 1999 is the best year. Yes indeed, on that same day I had a hairy moment turning left out of school, it's a sharp turn onto a 40mph road, and whilst I was turning my hand slipped off the wheel and I cam a bit too close to the car going the opposite way...teaches me to have one hand on the wheel as I was changing gear...could've ended badly! Maybe that contributed to my parking fail! Yes I've never reverse bay parked, too scared to haha although generally I'm fine at reversing, and I'm also fine at parallel parking although I try and avoid it if possible. Basically I try and avoid any parking! The spaces at school are massive so luckily I don't have to deal with tiny car parks very often. Yes I hope so, won't be using the car till at least Monday but hopefully then I'll be back to normal! Thanks guys!
  7. Ooh sounds interesting! Can you say what it is? Sure, will do! Haha I wish! To be honest, I'm perfectly happy with my Focus, not sure I'm ready to drive anything faster and wouldn't want to park it! I had a bit of a parking fail the other day, turned too tightly into a space and touched mirrors with the ancient Punto next to me, it was very unnerving being so close to touching the bodywork, I really messed it up but managed to rectify without causing any damage. I haven't hit anything yet and don't plan to for a while yet! It has put me on edge a bit generally though, and my driving in general has suffered as a result (normally I'm pretty good) but hopefully it won't take me long to get over it. Strange how I feel more comfortable parallel parking than bay parking..I just need to make sure I am a bit further away before pulling into a space to avoid 'wedging' myself in.
  8. Guess I'm the only one who doesn't enjoy trying to revise 300+ pages of Biology whilst also having 5 other subjects to do? Can't wait for 4 months off and then university (supposing I get in!) it'll be easy peasy compared to this!
  9. Collecting dad's car tomorrow, never had a car like it before (Aston Martin) so it'll definitely be a new experience! Happy to post pics if anyone is interested, of course. Finished school for easter today, but unofrusntely most of my holiday will be taken up with revision, my exams start in a month... Also having a nice break to Berlin next week which I'm looking forward to, technically it counts as revision as I can practice my German!
  10. Exactly this, you're expected to use the handbrake whether or not the car has hill assist. My car has it, but didn't realise until I passed my test!
  11. I like all cars! Whether it be new, old, cheap or expensive. Tbh I'm not that fussed about Lamborgini's or Ferrari's, furthest I'd go is a nice Aston or Mclaren. I'm equally happy to read about someone's experience with an old Rover (Jamie! ), new Focus or an Aston. So basically I treat all cars equally as possible! Edit - Thanks @jmurray01, it's what makes us all different. Money certainly can't buy you happiness, although it can give you choice. I think I'd get bored with being overly rich after a while, what's the point in living when you have nothing to aspire to? Very dull. Yes my dad did work very hard for what he has, so I guess he should enjoy it in which ever way he pleases. I wouldn't want his lifestyle though. It's interesting that these forums attract people of very different backgrounds, but one thing that we all have in common is the interest for cars.
  12. I think you misinterpreted my post, what i actually meant was cheap cars can equally be as cool/interesting (however you want to describe them) as more expensive ones. Jamie's fleet is a prime example! I probably would've bought an older car but wasn't allowed, so there you go. I personally don't agree with many of my dad's decisions but then again I'm not him, so can't dictate how he spends his money. I was going to post some pictures of his car when it arrives next month, not to show off but in case anyone was interested, after all, we're all here because we like cars! But if you don't think it's appropriate, I won't.
  13. My dad's new car will practically cost £180 plus three zeros when it eventually arrives. Even I wouldn't spend that much on a car!! Ridiculous amount of money. I'd love to see what car I could buy for £180!
  14. It'll certainly need a new rear bumper, among other things, but doesn't look too severe. Just depends on how much parts are and if the floor plan is bent. Let us know!
  15. I somehow don't think somone buys a boggo spec Sandero because it looks nice!