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  1. I presume you take Immodium Tom? With my mum having Crohns I can completely understand how you're feeling. Mum said that before I was born she regularly had to dump her trolley in the middle of Waitrose and make a dash to the loo. It's a horrible feeling and can be very dehabilitating.
  2. My 1.0 Ecoboost has averaged a bit over 44mpg in the last 1200 miles or so. I'm quite happy with that, especially as quite a bit of that is a 6 mile round trip commute every day! It's a nice little engine, I'd happily lose 10mpg to not have to put up with a clattery diseasel!
  3. I like helping my Friend clean his Fiesta, he needed a few tips! (Its been washed with washing up liquid and lynx body wash before...) 2 cars cleaned today, 2 more tomorrow!
  4. You have a black box yet you regularly drive at 85mph?! Bet your insurance love you... I have one and rarely ever touch 80..and that's just to overtake someone!
  5. I think you've got it mixed up there, diesels usually take longer than petrol to warm up. My 1.0L starts blowing out warm air after about 1.5 miles or 3 minutes after starting up. My commute is only 2.8 miles and it's already warm by the time it's get there! When it's below 5c I d start it a few minutes beforehand though.
  6. The road tax changes next year are only for new cars registered after April...
  7. Sorry to hear about your MK2.5, but at least it's given you the chance to upgrade! MK3 Looks great and you chose one of the best engines, I love my little Ecoboost. Any plans for it? Don't think there's much to look out for, I've had mine 6 months and it's been great.
  8. I thought it was great, quite funny whilst had a sense of one chapter closing and another beginning. Looking forward to the next episode!
  9. Yes salt and grit also makes the car so dirty! I've just done a 200 round trip today to Bournemouth, with 100 miles in rain. I dread to think what my car looks like in daylight now, bet it's filthy.
  10. Warm water always does the trick for me, I still use it even with the heated windscreen as the side windows don't defrost fast enough. Before anyone complains I do mean warm, and no it won't crack any windows as mum as used this method for years without an issue.
  11. Standard and I'd take those wheels off as well!
  12. I've literally just changed my wheels from 16" to 17" and have found the difference in ride comfort to be marginal. The reason for changing my wheels were similar to yours as I really wasn't keen on the style and they were a bit of a pain to clean (although not although bad as yours by the looks of things!) I decided on 17" over 18" mainly due to me being concerned although about ride comfort, my mum has an Alfa Mito with 18" alloys and whilst they look great the ride is very harsh. I'm sure the Focus has a softer suspension set up but it will be no doubt noticeable going from 16's to 18's. Depends if that's a problem for you I guess. You can see the pics of my 17's here (page 2) On the subject of tyres, my 16" set had Goodyear Efficientgrips and the 17's have Continentals. I was impresed with the Goodyears as they had plenty of grip and were quiet at speed. On my new (used) alloys the front tyres are near the limit and I've pretty much chosen to replace them with Goodyears, due tor them being the quietest and most fuel efficient whilst also being £20 cheaper a tyre. I'll just have to put up with Contis on the front and Goodyears on the back for a while!
  13. Thanks, yes they do! As Alex said, they're pretty easy to clean and a lot better than the original 16's which where were a pain! It easy very easy to miss little bits in the spokes and one of the reasons I didn't like them! Yep, many wheels are very fiddly nowadays, I couldn't bare having to clean yours! I dislike doing wheels as it is! Cheers, yes it's a stunning colour and when I decided on the Focus I knew I had to have a Candy Red one. My favourite wheels too! One of the reasons I didn't go for them! Also having been a passenger in my mum's Alfa Mito with 18's, the ride is very hard and I thought it would be really noticeable going from the 16's. Im sure the Focus has softer suspension but didn't want to risk it! The 17's are a nice compromise I think. (Although had my car had 18's from the onset I would've been very happy!)
  14. There's a slight design difference; MK3: MK3.5 Biased I know, but I prefer the MK3 version plus they're a bit less common than the 3.5 ones as I believe they come with the Zetec with the appearance pack whereas the 3 version was really only on the TIT X.
  15. £415 Inc delivery. Not too bad I thought and a massive reduction on what the seller was asking (they were ridiculously overpriced) and are in very good condition with only a few little marks here and there. I was specific that i wanted these and not the MK3.5 version to keep the originality of the car. The money i saved will go on two new tyres when it get round to it! Yes you're right the 16" do look small, 17" are a good compromise between comfort and style I think!