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  1. Exactly this, you're expected to use the handbrake whether or not the car has hill assist. My car has it, but didn't realise until I passed my test!
  2. I like all cars! Whether it be new, old, cheap or expensive. Tbh I'm not that fussed about Lamborgini's or Ferrari's, furthest I'd go is a nice Aston or Mclaren. I'm equally happy to read about someone's experience with an old Rover (Jamie! ), new Focus or an Aston. So basically I treat all cars equally as possible! Edit - Thanks @jmurray01, it's what makes us all different. Money certainly can't buy you happiness, although it can give you choice. I think I'd get bored with being overly rich after a while, what's the point in living when you have nothing to aspire to? Very dull. Yes my dad did work very hard for what he has, so I guess he should enjoy it in which ever way he pleases. I wouldn't want his lifestyle though. It's interesting that these forums attract people of very different backgrounds, but one thing that we all have in common is the interest for cars.
  3. I think you misinterpreted my post, what i actually meant was cheap cars can equally be as cool/interesting (however you want to describe them) as more expensive ones. Jamie's fleet is a prime example! I probably would've bought an older car but wasn't allowed, so there you go. I personally don't agree with many of my dad's decisions but then again I'm not him, so can't dictate how he spends his money. I was going to post some pictures of his car when it arrives next month, not to show off but in case anyone was interested, after all, we're all here because we like cars! But if you don't think it's appropriate, I won't.
  4. My dad's new car will practically cost £180 plus three zeros when it eventually arrives. Even I wouldn't spend that much on a car!! Ridiculous amount of money. I'd love to see what car I could buy for £180!
  5. It'll certainly need a new rear bumper, among other things, but doesn't look too severe. Just depends on how much parts are and if the floor plan is bent. Let us know!
  6. I somehow don't think somone buys a boggo spec Sandero because it looks nice!
  7. On several of their models they didn't even bother swapping the wipers over from LHD to RHD either! Still decent cars though, and in the last few years they have begun to return to their prime in the late 80s/90s. This can be seen with the new 3008 which has gone to the top of the class already and has over 4000 UK orders alone. Whilst the future of the Vauxhall plants here are uncertain, we've still got them for the next few years and by then Brexit will have been dealt with and the future of the UK's economy will be a lot clearer. I could well see the Luton plant going due to it being old and unable to build the high roofline Vivaro's due to limited ceiling height! The Ellesmere plant seems to have more of a chance though, the Astra is a very popular car and the facility is apparently one of the most efficient in Europe. Interesting times...
  8. Sorry to hear this. It's very likely that your car will be written off I'm afraid. Seeing it will have a diary amount of damage at the rear and the front whilst not having a high market value (in insurer terms) they'll just cut their losses. Of course I'll be very happy to be proved wrong if it's fixable though! Your car won't look damaged at the backdue to the rear of cars not being designed to crumple nearly as much as the front. Some of the damage may be hidden as the energy will have been dispersed through the car (and you!) So it can be worse than it looks. Glad to hear you're alright though.
  9. It's quite easy to rev a little too much when trying to find the biting point and balancing the accelerator and clutch, I think it's just a sensitive throttle. Can't really comment on any other cars as I've only ever driven one other (been driving 6 months)
  10. Haha! Do you think there is a likelihood of them failing then? I'm sure if they do it'll be an easy fix. Was quite pleased I was able to pay for the MOT myself tbh, I know it's not much but it's something, bit fed up of asking dad for money all the time as he pays my allowance, phone, car insurance, petrol etc. At least tax is only £30 when it needs renewing in May!
  11. I do like that it's Friday. The Focus passed it's MOT with no advisories, but then so it should seeing it's not even done 15k yet!! Also had my first official exam today, an English Oral in which I had to do a 15 minute commentary on a very dreary poem. (Phillip Larkin if anyone is interested!) But i got the poem i was most confident in, so overall im pleased. Roll on German Oral next week...
  12. And that's a bad thing...? Just because you don't like Vauxhall doesn't mean jobs should be lost because of it! I'm all for it if it supports the UK economy.
  13. Mine needs it's first MOT at the end of the month, that means it must be getting old.
  14. Haha no they're "classic"
  15. 17 plate comes out on 1st March. My Focus was registered on the 25th Feb so was just a few days off the new plate! Dad's got one coming but it won't be here until April, so will be in the new tax bands! A V12 is hideously expensive to tax anyway so probably won't make much difference haha. I like cleaning a few cars too, namely the Range Rover and my godmother's elderly C-Class. I do love that carport!