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  1. I see what you mean, but it was an Audi, they're not really known for their amazing driving experience! (Well certainly not an A3 TDI! ) I do agree with what you're saying about old cars having something about them, I saw a 1993 Citroen ZX 1.9D for sale on eBay the other day, stunning condition and only 26k miles. Now that will have character, so few left now too. If only i had the room, it wouls accompany a 306...Certainly makes me remember my grandma's ZX! (My favourite part as a 5 year old was the funny front wiper! )
  2. I can see what you're saying to a certain extent, but to say all of them don't have character is a bit of a sweeping statement...but that's personal opinion. P.S. the 607 came out in 1999 so I wouldn't call it modern anymore!
  3. There aren't LED indicators on any Focus.
  4. We have to alternate brands, our 3 have a firm favourite, Purina One but only get it occasionally as it's so expensive! Otherwise it's Felix or Whiskas of various varieties. They just get bored I think. Only thing they like the same of is the Purina One biscuits, although we buy Go-Cat sometimes to save some money. Purina is a los expensive, but we usually get it from Costco.
  5. Oh yeah? That's my patch! Whereabouts did you go?
  6. 405, better for long journeys IMO.
  7. Make a complaint and demand a Ford or Pilkington screen. Same thing happened with the heated screen on my dad's old Freelander, a Pilkington (same as genuine LR screen) solved the problem. That's the route I'll take ifmine needs replacing!
  8. I like seeing a 'V' reg MK1 Focus being washed on its drive as I went past. Nice to see an old car getting a bit of TLC!
  9. A nice long weekend to look forward to! Finish at 1pm on Friday and have Monday off too! Can't wait for a break after all the hard work!
  10. I'm not saying I was completely in the right, just that a minor thing didn't warrant his erratic and dangerous behaviour. I'll try and be more patient whilst waiting at junctions in the future.
  11. Because there was plenty of space (had be been doing the speed limit) for me to go and by the time he would've got close to me I would be been doing nearly 30. It's common practice in built up areas, doesn't bother me as a driver as long as there is enough space and they make the effort to speed up. Maybe I left it a weeny bit late, but I wouldn't pull out if I didn't think there was enough space to do so! (I'm not one of 'those' that just pull out regardless) Either way his actions thereafter were entirely of his doing...
  12. Being tailgated for doing 30 in a 30 by a **** in a 15 year old Zafira... Yes maybe I pulled out in front of you, but had you been doing the speed limit there wouldn't have been the need for you to accelerate within 3" of my bumper and slam your brakes on... He followed me through various roads for about 3 miles, practically touching my bumper the whole time and swerving erratically in the road, it's times like that I wish I had a rear dashcam. Don't think he liked the fact that for a period of time (down an incline) that I pressed the brakes just enough for the lights to come on...i know it's not a good idea but he deserved it. Scum of the earth...
  13. No I doubt it, dad has never believed in them and winters here aren't severe enough most of the time to warrant them. Hopefully I'll be changing my wheels in the not too distant anyway!
  14. Wow you do to a lot of miles! I think I've done about 300 miles in the last 2 weeks after passing my test, and that's a lot for me! Starting to become the school taxi though so it will increase...
  15. If only I were so lucky! It was just one of my aunt and uncles Silver Wedding anniversary, all my family was there. Was a really nice time.