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  1. Headrests Plus 1

    Hi thanks for that. I have the normal roof mounted aerial but DAB maybe an idea. Just thought the other sensor by the interior light looked like a mic. Anyway as I said I'll leave well alone.
  2. Headrests Plus 1

    It crossed my mind it might some sort of hands free set up, I thought maybe it was a mic next to the interior light. I'm not worried about it, I'll leave well alone and not start disturbing the trim etc. Many thanks for taking the time to give your ideas on this.
  3. Headrests Plus 1

    Hi. Here are the photos of the 2 items. any ideas would be great.
  4. Headrests Plus 1

    Thanks for the info, I'll try and get a pic on as soon as I can, cheers.
  5. Headrests Plus 1

    Hi, I'm new to the site so I hope someone may be able to help. I recently got a 2004 Fusion 2 1.4 petrol which I really like. I need a set of rear headrests as they are missing. Will headrests from a later Fiesta fit as they look the same. Also there is a black plastic plate about 3 inches long and 3/8 inch wide attached to a wire and tucked up on the top of the windscreen and some sort of sensor adjacent to the interior light. Has anyone any ideas what they might be? Any help would be great.