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  1. Clicking

    Ok, the noise has happened again whilst driving and whilst I wouldn't say it's a clunk it's kind of inbetween a clicking and a clunking. It's hard to describe lol!! Wasn't happening whilst stationary but will try that again. It could be the air con compressor as you say as I wasn't using the air con this morning just the heating. Only used that briefly and didn't happen whilst using it. I have a 11 plate fiesta 1.2
  2. Clicking

    The noise has only been happening when moving but last weekend for first time it was when stationary. Can only describe it as sounding like a lawnmower. As soon as I took the handbrake off it stopped (that's only happened the once though). I can't say that I have noticed the noise getting any louder with speed. I'll have to have a try leaving the engine running for a while then giving it a few revs Thanks for your help :) I'm clueless
  3. Clicking

    Hi. The noise starts after about 20 mins and is regular once starts. Can't say that I have noticed any difference over road types. It appears to be the same. I don't get the noise when turning left or right but I do have a 'creaking' noise but after googling this I hear is quite common. I am most likely panicking about nothing
  4. Clicking

    Hi. Recently I've been hearing a kind of rattling/clicking noise which sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side wheel. It's not a constant noise and only happens once I've been driving for say 20 mins or so. When I break the noise goes away. I took my car to the ford garage and they said it's coming from the air con which is common in fords?! I'm pretty sure though that the noise was happening when I wasn't using the air con (I don't tend to use it)?! Just wandering if anyone had any ideas of anything else it could be. It sounds sometimes like the bottom of my car is going to drop out. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to drive it. I have an 11 plate and done just over 17k miles. Thanks