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  1. New Focus

    Yea I realise this now but again I didn't think to ask at the time, I appreciate all the comments but I did only ask how it can be done etc, I didn't notice at the time so i was thinking of adding myself.
  2. New Focus

    Funny enough I didn't notice no being as its 2015 and 20k car it wasn't on my list of things to ask ford_man. Good point WES180 thank you.
  3. New Focus

    Hi, thank you for the reply. I have the zetec s navigation 2015, if the looms are there is it relatively easy to do?
  4. New Focus

    Hi guys, Quick question folks, just bought a new focus and just found out it doesn't have rear electric windows!!!! Anyone know how easy it is to change them? And what I need?
  5. Kuga Alloy Wheels

  6. Kuga Alloy Wheels

    Hi, Iv just bought a14 plate kuga and I'm looking for 18" or 19" alloys for it, does anyone know where I can get them at a reasonable price??