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  1. there is nothing wrong with a ST i have just got a new face lift ST with all the trimmings, got rid of my mk7 zs :P, but if i was in that position i would not even have a ford i would have to go with a top of the line A5 yes please :D
  2. not sure where you seen it but mine is frozen white with black alloys and carbon side stripe. :)
  3. my dealer just sent me a letter saying my first services is due i will give them a call and post back my results :)
  4. mountune for me but no yello carbon :D
  5. cheers for the link mate :D
  6. i do not think there will be a ST or RS version anytime soon untill it is confirmed by ford themselfs i will not belive what anyone says because anyone can start a romour do as FMC says enjoy your car mod it how you want and have fun :)
  7. please can you send me the link to the website to where you found this. thanks.
  8. very nice mate like it any more pics of the car head on? looks good :)
  9. the splittlers look spot on seen the one on there car when i went down to get my kit fitted :)
  10. so glad not many people like the gloss black means you will not go get it done :D haha
  11. mine where Poweder coated by Romax :)
  12. i got my wheels done at Romax and they cost £45 a wheel to be powder coated any colour you want i would not go anywhere else so so many people i know use Romax and also on just about every forum i have been on people say use Romax that is if your in the cleveland area. :)
  13. i think black looks good, gloss black that is here is a pic of my car :).. yes i know i need some tyre gel :P
  14. so this means if i ring dave in the morning i may be able to book my car in?? i hope so :D
  15. there end of month figures must be down, therefore you win :)