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  1. the guy that fitted mine was the same guy that the ford dealer recommended. it cost £100 for both sie windows & the back. they will ask you legal or not legal. I went just the wrong side of legal but they look great & I`ve not been pulled yet, he says touching wood :)
  2. I`m hoping they will lol
  3. so not just a quick fix then. Thanks for your help :)
  4. no fiesta st has the stop/start fitted
  5. Hi Does anybody know how to remove the door kick plates on a fiesta st as only 1 half is lit
  6. I cleared the red 1 more than I do this 1 lol
  7. nice thats like the father in-law`s, I`ve had the st1 in red & have just changed to the st3 in white
  8. 2.)you will go through tyres depending on how you drive, I went through a set of tyres in 1 year :( 3.) 29 around town, I have got 43.7 doing a steady 85 back home from cornwall. 398 miles from a tank. :) 4.)that depends the the spec you asked for, mine has all of those & reversing sensors
  9. that`s not bad at all :)
  10. what ru paying for insurance
  11. Have just changed my ST1 for the ST3, more toys :)
  12. have taken pics on my phone but for some reason it will no add them. so !Removed! off
  13. had an st1 on a 13 plate. changed the filter to a K&N filter & forgot to change it back for it`s first service. ford did the service & the box was ticked to say filter had been changed. K&N filter had not been changed & nothing was said. I now have an st3 64 plate & have put the K&N filter on it. You would have to do something seriously wrong for an insurance company to check the filter
  14. P.s Also go into bluetooth settings & delete all other sync/divices on your phone. It seem to get confused as to which one it`s ment to pick.