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  1. I found that the brand of tyres seemed to have a major effect on road noise. That said even with my so-called better summer tyres road noise does remain.
  2. What tyres to get?

    I'd stay away from Firestone, I was given them as the last place I was at was out of stock of many other brands. They really lowered the general ride quality and fuel consumption levels plus arenoisier.
  3. Yes the 100PS is great fun, I also love it. A few things to note though: - Tyres: these can radically change the fuel consumption, noise and comfort! By law I have to put on winter tyres and these really degraded certain aspects of the car. My summer tyres are going on in the next week or so! I would ask for advice for the best replacements when that time comes. - Fuel consumption is not as good as claimed (no surprise) for anything other than motorway driving. On the motorway though it's great, once I sit on a steady 120/130kph (depending on the country) the economy is pretty impressive. I have been able to do some pretty lengthy trips through France and Switzerland on a relatively tiny fuel budget. - Gears a bit weird, especially if you leave it sitting for a couple of weeks (I often have to). I also had a couple of issues with suddenly losing power whilst setting off in first recently but that could just have been me. In general this is a great value, fun to drive little car. I find myself just wanting to take it out for random spins. Enjoy!
  4. Ford Assistance 12 in Europe

    Sorry if my comment is not of much use. I personally have not used the service but I know of others who have. Basically the quality of service varies on the underlying contractor(s) in each country. Ford I gather are pretty responsive but after that well its the lap of the Gods. Here in Luxembourg and in other surrounding countries I have so far not heard anything bad, so that is Southern Belgium, parts of Eastern France and the Western parts of "mid Germany*.
  5. Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    Hi Kateysan,k I've had a 1.0 Ecoboost (100bhp) for just under two years now. In general it has more than enough power, even for over taking on motorways. Although on the German autobahn (without speed limits) it can feel a bit weak in comparison to other cars so I am often more conservative when overtaking there. I really enjoy driving it, the fuel efficiency (as discussed elsewhere) is not as claimed and so far no problems at all. They are great value for money and fun to drive. If you can get a 12t6bhp go for it as the extra kick, but the 100bhp is more than adequate.
  6. What's Your Winter Mpg Loss?

    I am not sure what the temperature is the UK but here we were about -3 to -8c recently, when you add in windchill I was warned it would often feel like -15c. It's worth keeping in mind that tires also have an impact. I now have winter tires on (it's the law) and not only do they decrease ride quality but also worsen fuel consumption. It may be possible to offset some of the drop by driving in higher gears (so being more eco-friendly) as I read this also is advised when icy - so it has safety benefit as well.
  7. What's Your Winter Mpg Loss?

    For me in MPG terms it seems to be about 47 in summer and 42-43 now.
  8. What's Your Winter Mpg Loss?

    I seem to be down by about 0,6L per 100KM, which is the measure here. So around 8-10%, I spend a lot of time in and out of traffic jams so the mpg l/100km is never anywhere near the claims. I will test it on the open road when the weather improves.
  9. Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    Hi Everyone, I have a 100PS Ecoboost and to echo other points here I can highly recommend it, sometimes I do miss the better acceleration of the 125 but 95% of the time it has enough juice even on the German autobahn. I live in central Europe and have driven it through Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland on relatively long trips and was significantly impressed with the fuel economy and performance. However, when it comes to city driving it is not in my view what it is cracked up to be that said I am still happy with it as its nimble around town. In terms of driving experience, it is easy and responsive but above all fun to drive. It handles great and is comfortable on longer trips so say I and my follow passengers. My mileage is very low so I cannot comment on reliability, but so far there are no issues.
  10. New Tyres

    Hi Jerry, Ok, thanks again. Please find the info below: 1) summer - 195 50 15 82H (Han Ventus S1 EVO) - these came with the car 2) winter - 195 50 15 82H (Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo) 3) No it was a tyre company here 4) It's an Ecoboost 1.0 couple, 100HP, so nothing flash. All tires have a lot of tread left on them. I will stick with the tyres for now as so far I have only been a very low milage driver, also right now we are getting 11-16 degrees C most days. Also they all have a good bit of life left in them yet. However, once they come up for renewal I will look at something better. Also I should say that so far I have not felt unsafe with the Firestones, its more the car feels a lot less fun than before. Cheers, rod
  11. Importing Fiesta Sedan?

    Hi, you may also want to check out Luxembourg if you plan to import. There is an annual car sale in Jan/Feb with big savings although its always worth checking out pricing in Germany too as often Ford list prices can be a bit lower there. Ford dealers here include Pirsch, Wengler and Luxmotor Ford. I have direct and indirect experiences of all of them, they have all been recommended. Luxmotor tend to have slightly friendlier service. Many dealers here are familiar with importing as they often sell cars to people in the surrounding countries. I am not sure of the rules for importing though as I am actually a resident here - and not for tax purposes!
  12. Fiesta Vs Polo Decision

    I am not sure about the rules on importing cars into the UK from another EU member state or even if you can get the wheel on the "correct" side. However; there are big discounts every year in Luxembourg on new cars in January until about the first week of February. I paid about 30% less than the list price and exchange rate differences within brands can result in even more savings. If you are prepared to order a wait a bit then it may be worth considering.
  13. New Tyres

    Hi Jerry, Thanks for your detailed reply. I am based in Luxembourg. The Firestones I currently have (and have done since Winter 2014 but were put on again yesterday) were the same prices as all the others, indeed there was no option for more or less expensive. I will ask my dealer when the car next goes for a service. The ride of the car just becomes much firmer and also road noise increases. Cheers, Rod
  14. New Tyres

    On the subject of tyres can anyone recommend good winter tyres? At present I have Firestones which frankly reduce the cars ride quality quite a bit. Fortunately new tyres here are quite cheap, typically €250 including fitting for most major brands. ps. Winter tyres are compulsory here.
  15. Fiesta Vs Polo Decision

    I don't have the models mentioned but I do own a Fiesta Ecoboost and recently I did a lot of driving in Spain in a rented Polo for work. The Polo does have a more solid feel to it but otherwise as others have said it is nowhere near as fun to drive. The Polo just felt more vague and less engaging and even my rather weak Ecoboost engine felt a lot more impressive on the motorway. In general both cars should have been comparable in terms of price and specs. If you are also interested in reliability it's worth checking out the German ADAC car reliability index - an English version is online. In general Fiestas start off lower than Polos in the rankings. However, in the longer term (after two years) Fiestas are higher.