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  1. Focus Reverse Gear

    Great if it had a separate cable but agreed fairly sure it hasn't. So .... any ideas what's causing the problem selecting reverse gear? BTW, if I wait 2 mins in the garage or driveway then doesn't improve so why does driving for 2 mins make it easy (as normal)!
  2. Focus Reverse Gear

    1.6, 2003, 52k miles Anyone got this problem? Difficult to select reverse in my garage (lot of noise and resistance) but easy if it's rolling backwards down driveway (luckily I live on a slope). Also easy when the car has been running for 1-2 mins (car not moving). What's going on? Btw, selecting the other gears is ok.
  3. Hi Help! Focus 2003, 1.6, 52000 miles Looking through the forums, seems that the creaking noise on bumpy roads from the rear means that the bushes are worn out. Where are these? Easy to DIY? Cheap? Surprised that have just passed MOT because I thought this sort of thing was checked so should have failed?! Regards
  4. Hi 2003, 1.6 Got exactly the same problem except I've had the bumper off and there isn't anywhere the water can get in! There are vents in the right places so these are the obvious culprits but the water doesn't seem to be getting in through these because they stay dry on the inside. I pour water over a bit at a time and it leaks with the bumper on but not with it off, but it's not legal to leave it off! Yes, checked the light cluster, tailgate hinges, quarter lights, etc, so if you find out then let me know pls! I've had this leak for over a year and investigated many times so getting fed up! Regards