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  1. Fiesta St 2 180 Plastics

    I will do thanks a lot Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  2. Fiesta St 2 180 Plastics

    Really it's that simple with all the grey plastic bits ? Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  3. Hi quick question does anybody have any idea on how to remove the grey plastics from the front and rear bumper ie the fog light covers Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  4. Hi there Has anyone fitted the st suspensions spring to a st 180 yet they claim to lower the car by another 20mil bit I've been trying to research if that's 20 mils more than the standard stock st 180 spring http://www.focusrsparts.co.uk/fiesta-st-2013/suspension-parts/kw-st-suspension-by-kw/st-lowering-sport-springs/prod_2969.html Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  5. Hey there would the new 2014 focus st alloys fit on the fiesta st 180 with no problems with and adaptor? Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  6. Help Grinding

    Well they found the problem The brake calipers or pads are grinding into the disc leaving 2 distinctive marks on it It's safe to drive they say lol Cause I had a alloy changed under warranty looks like they didn't care much bout putting it back on theve hit it 3 times I'm thinking perhaps it was the calliper they hit with it Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  7. Help Grinding

    It's going in tomorrow wanna get it checked b4 I put some spacers in :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  8. The Little Ecoboost...

    Sent from my LG-D802 using Ford OC mobile app Hi I got the bonnet strut from sico but when I installed it. the bonet wouldn't sit flush on the side the strut was at how do u go about adjusting the bonnet? Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  9. Digital Fuel Gauge

    Ye I can see what u mean I do like to eh play with it especially on the autobahn hehe il drive slowly for a while see if it goes up mind u the car is actually pretty fuel efficient will have to wait and see Wanna try get it back to the 480 miles per tank Was hoping it was gonna go over 500 with the 102 octane in it anyway will have to wait and see thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  10. Hi all Noticed that last 2 times I've fill me tank it's not showing how many miles I actually get I just put a full tank of 102 octane in my 2014 fiesta st 2 and it's read 266 miles till empty I did 3 miles heading back from the station and the digital gauge still says 266 Any body had this problem b4 and had it solved? Regards Scott Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  11. Help Grinding

    Well I turned the esc off and it appeared to have stopped I think lol perhaps in just being paranoid :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  12. 20 Mm Drop

    It's a st 180 was thinking of dropping it another 20 mm instead of 30 mm for the speed bumps in the uk Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  13. 20 Mm Drop

    Hi all Quick question has anybody drop there car by 20 mm b4 is it noticeable and is it worth it? Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  14. Help Grinding

    Surely not a baring the cars just over 2 months old il try that esp thing thou thank u if it is that dose that mean it's broken? Xxxxxxxx Sent from my iPhone using Ford
  15. Help Grinding

    I've got a ford fiesta st2 2014 plate The cars done roughly 2300 miles Today I heard something grinding I have no idea wat it is but it's coming from the wheels area drivers side It's not always there I seem to hear it when I take my foot of the accelerator and the car starts to slow it's self down round bout 30kph The car doesn't make any nosies when I brake that I have noticed Besides the usual nosies from the brakes when I come to a stop to reverse Also not hit any massive pot holes Mind u don't think I've seen any in Germany lol Any1 had this b4 or know what it is please Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford