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  1. Ok cheers all that went straight over my head mate I know nothing about cars! But I will suggest it to my mate, thanks a lot!
  2. No still at work mate, another lad said to clean the EGR valve, another said to get the injectors recoded?
  3. Hi mate, no it's been on 3 different diagnostic machines and only re first one brought up a fault of the EGR valve so changed that and it's no different, since then re other two machines havnt brought up any fault codes it had a few people scratching there head!
  4. Hi I have a mondeo 2.0 lx tdci (130) and when I turn the car on it sits at around 500rpm for between 10-30 seconds with the battery and engine management light on, yet after 10-30 seconds both lights go off as the revs pick up to normal tick over? Any advice...thanks