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  1. yeah been on ebay and gumtree and couldnt find any in good condition for a reasonable price, most of them had tears and rips or severely faded and the good ones were the ST Seats which started at about £300 :( and i will be visiting the breakers this weekend, just wondered if there was any other cars at the breakers i could look for that would also fit mine to give me more of an option?
  2. Hey, just wondering if somebody could help me out with some MK6 knowledge? My rear seat in my MK6 Fiesta has seen better days and i am wanting to replace it, iv searched for MK6 seats and cant find any in good condition for a reasonable price so am wanting to expand my search, what other seats will fit? iv been told MK5 fit but cant find concrete evidence to back this up? and also Puma's? is there any Fiesta guru's out there to confirm these and let me know if anything else will fit? Thanks in advance, Lucy x x (i'm also kinda picky and realise i will need front and rear to get them to match, but need one's that tilt as mine is 3 door)