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  1. Hi emma The alarm has gone off because the roof isnt up properly or back panel isnt shut right this happens to me when i put the roof up and down i just redo it again shuttin everything tight then it doesnt go off but with the switch not working at the side the connection has probaly gone just take it to a garage and they will fix it .With the car not starting maybe the battery has gone did you jump start it? Otherwise i would take this to your local garage. don't know as much as blokes do on cars lol but hope this helps. blondie86
  2. i agree with that :P
  3. Hi guys when i bought my street ka the car company put there sticker onto the back window i have got the sticker off and the sticky bit but it has left the outline of the sticker and it looks like it has steamed up but hasn't.Is there anything that i can buy to get rid of this as i don't want to cover this with another sticker.please help. Thanks
  4. Hiya the same has happened to my street ka.I have ordered new door handle which was £30 then need to get it fitted they said it wouldn't cost more than £68 so sort of expensive.I went to my local garage to sort this if this helps.
  5. thats great thank you. If i have to open the door from the pas side one more time ,driving me mad! :P
  6. Hi what a bunch of idiots i hope its fixed now chick.
  7. Thats not good i would probably ring ford and ask them what to do.You will have to get someone out to try and fix it.
  8. What a georgeous wkend all you street ka get your roofs down al give you a wave if i see you! Here comes the sun! :P :P
  9. ok thank you great help
  10. Hi has anyones driver side door handle broke coz mine just has won't open from the outside at all.Also can this be fixed by myself or will i have to take it to a garage (will this cost lots?) sorry so many questions. :( Thanks guys x
  11. HI i had my street ka luxury blue a few weeks ago and its great hopefully nothing will go wrong with it.It does shake a little when roof is down but that is common in most convertibles otherwise a sexy little car!! loves it :P :P
  12. [Hi guys i am buying a street ka does anyone know or can give me a list of faults to look for? Thanks Blondie86