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  1. 2001 Ford Focus 1.6 Auto - Stuck In Park

    Perfect thank you, I will get them to order a new one asap. For now a bit of sticky tape over the button is working just as well ;-)
  2. Hi, Car started to develop an intermitten problem, after starting it is stuck in park. The button on the gear shift changer will not depress to allow change of gear. Brake lights are all working fine, and it is completely intermitten. I also noticed that is reving very high in first before changing up to second, all other gears are function correctly. I put the car into a garage, they believe the fault is the solenoid at the base of the gear shift changer (see picture) however they are not able to identify it to order a replacement. If you manually press the solenoid the gear shift changer works fine. Can anyone assist in what this solenoid is called, or some kind of identification. Also if anyone has any other ideas what the fault might be I'd be happy to go play around with the car. thanks Richard