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  1. I need a new wing mirror cap for my left mirror, i think ford charge £80, could anyone please tell me if theres somewhere cheaper you can get them from thanks
  2. adriano, what drop is that ? 30mm ? eibache lowering kit ? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. same, could someone please give feedback on bluefin superchips remap on the ecoboost fiesta zetec S 125bhp
  4. im going to be upgrading to a fiesta st-2 and as wondering how much better the 8 speakers are (sony) comapred to the standard 6 in my zetec s :) thanks
  5. is there anything you can do to the engine which doesn't count as a mod to make it sound better, for example my friend took the cover of his air filter and took the air filter out and it now make an airy intake noise
  6. yeah thats why i would use plastdip so i can peel it of and well to be honest i wana see what is looks like, im 50/50 with it
  7. i wana plasti dip alll my bumpers on my fiesta but im not sure what it looks like, has anyone done it..if so upload a pic! :)
  8. doesn't look much different to the stock one so ima say no to the mountune one
  9. nope, thats like a new gear box thing, i just simply want the gear knob
  10. that sir is actually a good shout
  11. anyone know where i can get a shorter gear knob for the mk7.5 fiesta zetec s that fits properly
  12. i may just leave it, why cant it just be simple like the old models
  13. its exactly a U shape
  14. ermmm picture it as a U shape... thats the shape it is
  15. i don't actually know what it looks like i wanted to just try it and the hole in the panel is weird is not a circle