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  1. Irish Newbie!

    Hey guys, just joined the site there after some searching for a diagnosis to some problems I was having with my car brought me here and solved the problem for me! :) Since I've started driving I've always driven Fords, At the moment I am on my third Focus MK1. I've had a 1.6 estate, 1.8 TDCI and now I have a 1.6 Focus Ebony Edition. I've no photos of the car yet, haven't even gotten the chance to clean it yet!
  2. Ford Focus Idle Problem

    Thank you! After some searching on google to find a diagnosis to this problem I found this thread. This is exactly what is wrong with mine and after a month of dealing with this I will be changing out these hoses in the morning! Both hoses going into that T on mine are worn out and need to be replaced.