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  1. Rear Pads On 2001 Focus

    thank you admin for your valuable input, and yes good point made regards to spraying wd40, , many thanks
  2. Focus Rear Brake Piston Rewind

    Thank you tommy, for your valuable input, I can now go and buy one, many thanks
  3. Focus Rear Brake Piston Rewind

    I am trying to find out if the rear calipors rewind clock wise or anti clock, as some of the rewind tools say right handed and left handed, so not sure
  4. Rear Pads On 2001 Focus

    Hi, I have a 2001 focus hatch, 1.8. I need to change the rear pads and I need to get the rewind tool to push back the caliper, but what I'm not sure on is, do the calipers rewind clockwise or anticlock, and would that be on both side? many thanks
  5. Focus Rear Brake Piston Rewind

    i have focus 1.8 2001 hatch with rear pads, and I need to change the pads and I also need to buy the rewind tool, but do they rewind clockwise or anticlock, any help would be greatfull
  6. Mk1 focus 1.8 misfire---help!!

    I would agree with what most members are saying, I would say you have water/damp in around the plugs and ht leads, clean everything out and dry, then spray some multi purpose silicone spray on plugs, in around the HT Leads, and then all over leads and coil etc, works a treat and I have not had any problems since, good luck.. you can get a can of multi purpose silicone spray from Maplin at only £6.49. the product code is RE81C