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  1. Man o man, having similar problems to this. The saga so far is every now and again it just won't start. Turns and turn but won't fire/ I noticed mention of the headlights flashing, it does that but I am told this is due to low volts and is not part of the fault as such. I had it serviced last week, new filters. Should this shudder/egr valve be open or closed? This morning, bang, won't start. So battery became tired and my mate who has a big break down company popped round, jump leads on and started first time....GGGRRRR So now wondering if it could be the battery. Alternator is couple of years old, maybe had 6000 miles done since installed.
  2. I was going to get the night busters but having had such a disaster with the bright ones opted to go illegal but I have a feeling the headlights may be slightly too low as well. Will have to get a garage to take a look I guess. Do you have any links for the HID? I have tried looking in to that but not got anywhere?
  3. As it nears a year of owning the cmax, I am still amazed at how much I have enjoyed it compared to my BMW! I long to keep it but the headlights are driving me bonkers! I bought a set of the Philips xtreme vision but there is nothing xtreme about them! I dont have the greatest eye sight in the dark I have to admit but these are terrible! Other than hitting the illegal 100w I am struggling here and dont want to waste a fortune buying and trying bulbs out? Any ideas guys?
  4. I just did mine partially using the info on this thread and other areas of the internet. Mine is 58 plate c max 2.0 zetec tdci start at the off position off to on (II) 4 times within 6 seconds THEN BACK TO ON II POSITION FOR A FIFTH TIME AND LEAVE IT AT II Press a button on the remote and click. Because the ignition is on it won't operate. So turn off, remove key and bang working. Battery flat in original controller ;)
  5. these are also superb side lights, I have them in the wifes motor
  6. Again I don't believe this is a good representation of the DRL's but they are 'ok'. The side lights are as good if not better and they are tiny in comparison! and finally the light projection etc
  7. would you believe the car I have is already blacked out as it is the zetec model. It has LED rear lights as standard and I have bought some blue lights for the footwells, however, yours do look more powerful so may order up them instead ;) The DRL's look way brighter than the ones I got. Hold on, off out to photo in the dark and see as I took these photos midday in the sunlight ;) I will also photo the side LED's these are brill and look really good:
  8. They are 'ok' Not the greatest and certainly not as bight as I wanted but hey, £34 .... what do you expect ;) I bet I could have paid £120 and got no better!! The black bonnet trim is just a bit of sticky carbon sheet at the moment as that is about to be sent off for hydro dip, if I can get the guy to arrange it! Taken over a week now just to get a price and an address, still waiting for the address :( Not sure if it is a wase move sending it off now?!?!?! Anybody know a hydro dipping service that can do something similar to this, but black with a hint of the bronze paint colour? Here is the finished DRLs No Results :(
  9. sorry this is a direct link to these. Bought reverse sensors off ebay, !Removed! things are useless!!!
  10. I stand corrected. \£34, these come with a relay as well for turning them off when headlights are on. May miss that off unless they dazzle. Worth every penny! Fit in perfectly as well. Into the lower front grill with a mm to spare :) Very happy. Beats the hell out of ebay!
  11. well, they have arrived, still not really that great if I am being honest but to hell with it, they will have to do! Once I get a chance to cut away the grill I will get you a photo on ;)
  12. I will update on these latest DRL's once they arrive, should be tomorrow. Out all day so may not get them
  13. Well here is 2 of the DRL's fitted into the boot, superb, these are the best of a bad bunch but due to them being rigid and having poor sticky tape they are relegated to the boot!!! These are actually glued on with silicon! Also fitted the parking sensors, so mostly done now. One set of new DRL's still to come :)
  14. I have used one set in the boot, superb light for the boot :) One set I am trying to return as they sold them as ALUMINIUM HOUSINGS when in fact they are cheap plastic and i am sure they are 24v versions. Another set is lying in the garage, welcome to them and another set binned, they were utterly useless!! The ones here are these: utterly pointless really but welcome to them if you want?
  15. ordered some \DRL's from here. If these are crap, I am done with ordering them! Now spent over £120 ordering DRL's, all of them crap!