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  1. yeah, thanks, we are trying to avoid spending unnecessary money, but looks like we have to, thought would I be safe in saying its not the fuel pump (expensive)?
  2. ok, just went out and started it again, it started immediately, but its very lumpy, at any rev it wanders badly, and at idle it wanders as well, but it did start, so I I dont thionk its a fuel pump issue. So, starts, not easy but does start. very lumpy all round. What could I check?
  3. Car has done just over 100k miles. Would there not be any signs before they go, or is it just a suddenly gone. I mean one week it was perfect, then it sat for a week and then it was lumpy. I tried starting it without doing anythign other than turning the key and eventually it started butt man its it lumpy How can I determine what it could be prior to taking it to a garage. I can say when it does start, and you let it rev for a few seconds, it drives problem free, its only starting it that appears to be the issue, that said, the most it has driven is 3 miles.
  4. I dont know, today I came home, car has sat for over 24 hours, got in, and tried to start, it was difficult, but eventually it started, but was very lumpy. it reminded me of the classic mini carb we used to have, when the distributor cap got damp it was terribly lumpy, and this was very similar lumpy to that. I think its fuel related, but I have another question. If it was the fuel pump, the main one, which I know is expensive, then surely the car would simply not start, and if you did get it started without the pump working the car would only drive as long as the fuel in the engine was there (not long)
  5. Today my wife informed me she could not get her car to start (stuck at the school picking up kids) I hopped in my car, took a look at the engine like most blokes do....No clue what was wrong at all, Classic mini was far easier. Turn key to start car and you get the normal turning over sound, and after a few seconds it stops (by itself) Eventually I was able to get it to start foot to floor on Accelerator, but it wandered between 3 and 4k revs (still foot on floor) and if I took my foot off it just died. Leave it on for a few seconds longer and it works fine, and is ok to drive, no wandering at all. When it first happened she told me there was allot of smoke for a short while, and when I went back to get it started a few hours after we abandoned it, I noticed on starting there was light grey/blue smoke, then after a few revs a small puff of black smoke, then nothing. I have no idea what could be the cause of the issue. Been ok for months now. Can anyone suggest things I can check, but they have to be novice things please :-) Fiesta 1.4 tdci 2003 model
  6. Thanks for the quick response all, sorry for my stupidity, will get alloy nuits tomorow. Chreers again (there will be more to follow)
  7. Hi all My wife was given a Ford Fiesta 2003 TDCI, amazed at the tax cost of £30 per year, so she is keeping it. Problem is the previous owners kids were horrible, and the inside of the car smells of sick, but its not sick its spilt and now very old milk, in this heat its ten times worse., and the wheels are 175/65/14 steelies with very badly damaged plastic covers. So, I went to ebay, and found someone local to me selling a full set of seats for the same year for a mere £60. Thinking they would likely be very crappy but not so smelly I offered him 50, he then told me they were pretty grubby and said he would take £30 for them (I got them, and to my surprise, they were sold cheap and are in near perfect condition, I then found he was selling a set of alloys from another fiesta, he said £50 for the set, so I also snapped them up. Seats, I can change, so thats not a big worry, wheels I have to question The car has 175/65/14 tyres fitted currently, what I want to put on is 195/50/15 which are alloys and luckily come with tyres Will this be a simple straight swap or will it be a no go?