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  1. What Space Saver Wheel Do I Need?

    Thats really helpful thanks ever so much. The size details have helped identify what I need from local breakers.
  2. What Space Saver Wheel Do I Need?

    Thanks for your help, decision made, space saver it is.
  3. Hi All, I have just bought a 57 Focus Zetec Climate and it does not have a spare wheel just a temp repair kit. I'd like to have the confidence of a spare and have been reading the discussion about full size v space saver and it would appear that a full 16inch would fit in the well. The tyres are 205/55R1691V on a 5 wheel nut wheel, so I know I need a 16inch spare. So I value insight on two things. 1) Is my Focus a Mk2? (Still awaiting log book back to see if it says anything on there). 2) If these models did not come with a space saver am I looking for another Focus model or other Ford model to find one that is compatible. What should I be looking for? Hoping to contact local scrap yard this week to see what they have available but would like to go pre armed with expert opinion. Thank you Dan