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  1. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    That was really helpful, thank you! I pulled out the number 58 fuse, which it says was for the air con and air recirculator, and sadly it didn't fix the problem :( Really need the air con back in this heat! I also checked the clock fuse and it has blown, so i am going to be brave, and go to Halfords to buy a new fuse!!
  2. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    Thanks, i looked at his signature and only saw a diagram for a mk2 fuse board. Are they the same?
  3. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    Well it seems my indicators are working again, so are my wipers both front and back, and also my heated front and back windows. The only things i have that don't work now are: Clock is dead Air Con button is dead Recycle air button is dead I've looked at fuses and am lost as to which one to remove. So i thought i would try uploading some photos here of my fusebox and see if anyone has any idea? I even have some missing which i'm not sure if thats good or not.
  4. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    Thank you all for the comments, it's much appreciated. I definitely have a dodgy wire somewhere as if i punch my cd player (don't ask lol) it turns off, or on. Sometimes it will turn off by itself. What Jay87 said was interesting though. The other day, i checked the fuses by removing them and seeing if they were broke, and putting them back in. They were fine. I only checked about 3 though, one of them being the indicators. Last night driving to work, i pressed a button on the dash for the air con and nothing happened (no light etc). Then i hit the indicator stick and it worked! All the way to work, and all the way home i could indicate with no problem. Heck, i indicated for turns i wasn't even going to take just for the hell of it! So, maybe because i removed the fuse and put it back in, that fixed the indicators? I'm scared to touch any other fuses or buttons incase it stops my indicators working again!
  5. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    Hey all, thanks for the previous replies. Going by them i ended up purchasing a dashboard from eBay that was marked as a being from a Ford Focus Zetec Petrol. I have no idea what 'Zetec' means :p (Useless with cars). Mine is a MK1 Ford Focus 02 reg. Anyway. It arrived and i had it fitted at a garage. £50 to fit it. They phoned up and said it was all done and working ok. I drove off, got down the road, and realised that was not the case. All of the gauges on the dashboard are working fine on the new one i bought so now i can see my speed, and petrol etc. But now the following does not work: Indicators are dead, moving the stick up and down does nothing at all. Wipers on front screen won't work on the first click up, but does on second and third. Rear wipers don't work at all. Clock in middle of the car is dead Front window heater button is dead Rear window heater button is dead Air con button is dead Air circulating button is dead I feel incredibly deflated right now. I can't afford to keep buying new bits and going around in circles, and feel really ripped off by the guy/garage who sold me the car in the first place. I found another cluster on ebay, and messaged the guy and explained whats been going on, and asked if he had any issues with his dashboard. He was pretty honest and helpful, and even told me to check all my fuses before i buy another dashboard. I've checked my fuses behind the glove box, and there are various ones missing all of the place. But, any i checked that would link to the above errors, are all fine. All of the above worked fine with the old dashboard, it seems to be this new one thats now broken them. The new one i am looking at buying on ebay is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK12-SPEEDO-INSTRUMENT-CLUSTER-SPEEDO-19992004-DONE-153000-Miles-/261517502559 If anyone has any suggestions or advice i would really appreciate it, i'm running out of hope/ideas
  6. Mk1 Dashboard Died Again

    Hey everyone. Recently i had an issue where my accelerator gauge wasn't working, and i was suggested to replace the speed sensor, which i did. Cost around £20 to buy then £20 to have fitted, bargain! Car worked perfect after that for about a month. Then the other day, i had a long trip out in the car and all worked fine, came home and went to asda. Came out, started up the car and it stuttered a tiny bit then kicked in. That's when i noticed, none of the gauges was working. Not the temp, fuel, revs, accelerator. The clock thats in the middle of the dash near the radio now doesn't show, the interior lights won't work no matter where i move the switch too. The car runs fine still, i've driven to work and back the past two days like it but obviously i have no idea of my speed or fuel etc. If i use my indicators, they flash up on the dash board, so i know its not completely dead. Any ideas what this could be? I did wonder and hope it might just be a fuse thing, and not something stupidly expensive! Thanks for any help
  7. Faulty Instrument Cluster

    What makes you both think it's the speed sensor and not the cluster? And would this make the car perform worse if it was broken? Not saying you are wrong, just asking so i can learn as i go along! Also ONCE, when the speedo stopped working, the mileage underneath went ----- instead of any numbers. When i stopped the car and started up again it was back to normal. Thanks for all the help and advice, much appreciated :)
  8. Hey all, it turns out my new (used) ford focus 02 reg has a dodgy instrument cluster. About once or twice a week the speed needle will sit at zero, and sometimes pop in to life randomly. The car also feels a bit sluggish, the other day in 5th it would barely pass 70mph. I'm no car expert at all but have been reading topics like this on this forum and people have suggested a sensor that's on the gear box, and also the instrument cluster that could be the main reason. I have found both cheap on eBay and was going to pay a garage to install them for me. I was hoping people here would check the items I'm looking at getting on eBay and confirm they are the right parts for me? I don't want to make a stupid mistake that's all. The instrument cluster I saw is this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331190836388?redirect=mobile And the senser part is http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/221253658933 My car is a ford focus, mk1. SV02 reg. 1.6 petrol. Thanks for any help and advice! Love the car, just want to get it working right.
  9. Hey all. New to the forums and new to Fords! My last car was a Vauxhall Corsa 07. Anyway. I drive a 02 reg Focus that has two lighter sockets. One is on the dash, and the other is at the back of the centre piece (The bit the handbrake etc is on) facing the back middle seat. The one on the dash doesn't work (Didn't check the other one at this point) I've decided i'm going to try and be manly and fix problems with this second hand car myself, but i'm not doing a great job so far! I pulled down the glove box, and saw that on the back of my glove box it had a diagram for the fuse box. It told me number 36 (If i remember right) was the fuse for my lighter socket, and it was a 15amp. I checked it out, and in that socket was a 7.5amp fuse. I headed to Halfords, asked them, got given the right fuse and headed to the car, determined! I pulled the fuse out of it's place, in the slot that the diagram said it was in. I went to replace the fuse, and realised i had bought the wrong size (Doh!). Then i had the bright idea to actually test the other lighter socket, and it worked! Now i was super confused. Not only do i now have one lighter socket working and one not working, but it was working when the fuse was out! This leads me to believe that either A) The diagram is wrong or B) I should give up and ask a garage lol There is a slot on the diagram, next to the lighter fuse one, that is empty. Nothing is supposed to be in there. But on my fuse box it has a light blue fuse with no amp written on it. Not sure why. Anyway. Sorry for the long wall of text. Can someone point me in the right direction at what i am doing wrong? Or is it a simple case of the one on the dash being broken. The whole fuse diagram being wrong has thrown me to be honest. Thanks.