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  1. @Euro16Exchange I have match 43, last 16 WE v RD, 27/6/16 and am looking to swap for England v Wales, Eng v Slo or Eng v Rus in that order!

  2. The tunes are in MP3 format. Some were just 128kbs but I also burnt a CD at around 300kbs and was still getting problems with the bass rattling so I ruled that out as being the potential problem.
  3. Thanks for your response Matt. The source I am using for music is a 4GB USB stick playing through the Aux. I have noticed that the bass rattles more on this than when the same song is on the DAB radio on the same volume settings. Is it known that the quality is worse through the USB? I have played with the EQ settings on the car and reducing the bass has certainly stopped the rattling to an extent but in an ideal world I don't want to have the bass on -3 just to stop the rattling. I assume you haven't had any experience of the under seat sub which Ford offer as an extra? Anything I do have done would be through Ford as I don't have a Car Audio shop local and have no experience of doing this at all myself. Thanks.
  4. All I've recently got a Titanium TDCi 2013 model which I believe is MK7.5 with the Sony DAB stereo. I'm pleased with the car overall but not overly happy with the sound. I find whenever the volume gets above 20 the bass is distorted and the speakers start 'rattling'. I see that Ford offer an upgrade of a Pioneer under seat sub, has anyone had this done and does it solve these bass problems? Is it advisable to upgrade the door speakers? Can the sub be installed and then bass stopped from coming out of the door speakers? Basically I'm just looking for some advice from anybody who has done or had any sort of upgrades on this system. Thanks in advance.
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