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  1. Ford Fiesta Cat Converter Problem

    They have said again that they will replace it again at no cost to me but once we reach June, it's been 2 years since the original replacement, then there is no warranty left then it's my problem basically. Even though it would have been a new part as from this April.
  2. Ford Fiesta Cat Converter Problem

    Hello, Thanks for your quick response. I'm not sure what the make of the CAT is. I took my car to a vauxhall garage as it was recommended to me, as they also fix other cars besides vauxhall. They got the part from a Ford dealer. The part cost £147. Vick
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I own a 2002 ford fiesta zetec 1.2 16v. I took on the car from my grandad and a few months of having it the engine light was staying on. I took it to a garage and they said my CAT converter is blocked and needs replacing. This was replaced in August 2012. Come June the next year my car is making an awful noise, blowing very loudly me thinking I have a whole in the exhaust. A family member told me the noise was from the CAT converter, the flexi pipe had blown. The part was only 10 months old. I had it replaced as it was under warranty with no cost to me. The same thing has happened this month. Exactly 10 months I have had the new CAT converter and my car is making the same noise. The flexi pipe mesh is crumbling under neath the car. I was originally told that that CAT converter was a dud, it was faulty that's why it had blown. So not expecting it to happen as second time, the part certainly lacks quality or something. after 10 months a CAT converter should not be going. Has anyone had a similar problem, can it be something else that is causing the CAT converter, specifically the flexi-pipe, mesh to come away and crumble? Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Vick