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  1. blows on all settings, was not working on setting 2 but changed the buttons and it works fine now, think i may not have connected it back together correctly hence only blowing hot - fingers crossed
  2. Heater works now thanks for the advice :) just need to change the belt to stop the squeaking and the heater now only blows hot so guessing the controls are nick nacked. thanks for the help and advice guys
  3. sorry but how do you do that? nothing in the haynes liar about it and cant see anywhere to let air out, according to haynes it automatically does it?
  4. Well I have more to report, took the pump off today, pleased and sorry to say that the pump was MASSIVELY at fault, it had completely disintegrated! My advice to anyone with this issue is to ignore the haynes manual it is TOTALY rubbish! you have to take the cambelt cover off, you do not have to take the pulley off the water pump and you do need to drop/raise the engine! Also watch the fuel filter/power steering pump. Following all the effort and also changing the tensioner pulley i still have a massive fan belt slipping noise - tensioner was absolutely fine, but the pulley was shot, I am thinking the noise is coming from the power steering pump pulley or the pump itself, will be spraying some focused WD later to see if I can narrow it down. To cap it all off, the heater inside is not working either - my thoughts are that plastic fragments have got stuck in the matrix sigh. On a positive the over heating is absolutely fine now and the power is about where i think it should be.
  5. Well changed the thermostat yesterday and drained the radiator. Water just stayed in the reservoir didn't move at all out of it. Stripped the side plastics out and the squeal from the left hand pulley which I believe is the water pump was awful. Spraying WD quietened it for a few seconds so thinking water pump. Looking at the belt it is virtually new I think so guessing the joker who sold it knew the pump or tensioner were dead. Water pump is about 30 new on eBay can't seem to find the tensioner though. Virtually stripped down to where need to so going to buy pump and hope for the best. Will keep you updated
  6. OK another symptom.... No heat from the vents in the car.... Possible that the thermostat has seized?
  7. No didn't check in there before driving this morning although clearly I wish I had!!! Car drives thankfully, however driving normally results in normal temperatures, if I give it the beans it soon starts over heating. Any thoughts?no oil in the water and doesn't appear to be losing water or oil. On a positive it feels like a bat out of hell!
  8. pictures...
  9. Well my investigations have just taken a the worse and comical. Went to ford breakers and they listened and watched and said the actuator for turbo wasnt fully engaging and suspected that injectors were an issue (black smoke). He advised sticking in 2 bottles of fuel cleaner and seeing if that I did. Well got home and the engine massively overheated. Got home and water was bubbling in the resevoir; will let you know later whether it is dead or not. Well while I was cursing the world I thought I would look at the air filter.....needless to say I may have stumbled upon my problem. I am speechless to say the least and will let the pictures do the talking
  10. Yup it was odbc and boy was it effective
  11. No the metal pipe that feeds from the intercooler. As for the chip, I had my beemer remaped and it made a massive difference, there seems a lot of debate re. Chips v remap and from what I can gather the chip will be similar in that I used a 'generic' rather than rolling road specific map, nothing ventured nothing gained :)
  12. That's the one I got, agree with diagnosis important before fitting, on a possibly related note, the bracket holding the inlet pipe is broke at both points meaning it is floating above the rocker cover, not massively enamoured by Ford's manufacturing skill since also found pipe for rear washer snapped in boot lid too :@
  13. Yup, will try it tomorrow, doesn't seem as slow as old Peugeot 309 diesel which was 1.9 and slow as a !Removed! but definitely not noticed any kick. Bought a chip for it thinking that may help but, it seems to noticeably choke above 2.5k
  14. Thanks for the responses guys, alternator is interesting shot since the battery has only very recently been replaced by the guy I bought it from, Well keep eye on it in that case. For reference I can head the turbo spool but didn't already to make any noticeable difference to acceleration,the fact it can be heard does that mean it is ok? Only ever had a new 120d to compare and that kicked like a mule when turbo came into play hence my questioning it. Appreciate the responses
  15. Thanks for getting back to me,was serviced very recently.reason i bought it was because it was an ex company car. Not sure if fuel fillet specifically was changed but stamped as full service if that means anything