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  1. Engine Warning Light

    Hi I have had the one on the manifold and the one on the exhaust as far as I know.its been in the garage and they said it must be the cat. I was chatting to a friend has sells exhaust and tyres and he is 99% sour its not the cat.
  2. Engine Warning Light

    hi I have chained all three.
  3. Engine Warning Light

    Sorry but I don't know the name of the machine they used. It was a exhaust company that plugged it in under the steering Colum .
  4. Engine Warning Light

    Hi i have a focus estate 1.6 zetec and the engine warning light is on I have changed the sensor’s and still comes on. It is using a lot of petrol on the motorways. I have had it on the diagnostics and it logs on and then after a why’ll it drops off so cannot get a good reading can you help. :(