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  1. Happy Birthday DRE17_!

  2. New Aerial For Mk7 Fiesta?

    Yeah just the aerial. The base of it is totally intact DRE
  3. Hi, I've just seen that my aerial of my car is cracked (see pictures.) can this bit screw off and just screw another one on or is another sort of job of buying a whole kit a rewiring it? DRE
  4. Looking good! I really like the leather seats, not sure about the leather pouches for the seatbelt insertion looks abit too much with them in. Wheels like ace! be nice to see them shining like brand new!!
  5. Northants Newbie

    Welcome and good choice! The car is a beauty! DRE
  6. Mk 7 Questions.

    Oh thank you. Very strange not that it's a huge problem just thought id ask, I normally have my trip set to how many miles I've got left in the tank DRE
  7. My Fez Named Melissa :)

    Looks sweet. Great work man!
  8. My Fiesta Mk7.5 Zs

    Looking good pal!
  9. My Frozen White Fiesta

    that looks sweet!
  10. Mk 7 Questions.

    Brilliant, I will do that tomorrow morning after i've finished this dreaded night shift.
  11. Mk 7 Questions.

    Does look !Removed! good with kit on! Im thinking about getting my wheels done black aswell! how do you reset it? via disconnecting the battery then back up again? Has anyone tried to install any DLS bulbs to their MK7 Fiestas? and if so how have they done it?
  12. De Badge ?

    you need to wash that boot ;)
  13. Mk 7 Questions.

    and to the dress up kit, for that much, i might just leave it haha!
  14. Mk 7 Questions.

    Cheers for that, I was personally going to do a long run and see if the average changes after that but i've had my car over a month its still on 18mph. but i've been travelling mix you see, different speed limits and roads. Cheers DRE