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  1. I have almost completed a retrofit of navigation , head unit (only for navigation) and a genuine ford reverse camera including rear tailgate trim panel to mount camera etc. The trim panel and camera came from a 2014 car and the display and head unit came from a 06/13 car. I had to add wires in the tailgate for the power ground and (for camera control functions) , Re config car computer settings and reset display . All systems function as a factory built car and looks great. I just need to replace the display top trim panel now. This car was about 03/13 built and did have rear sensors and the basic park pilot but now the sensors work with the rear camera and steering wheel position. What do you think ?
  2. I have just connected the last cable as a test for the rear camera and all works the same as the ford factory fit with ZOOM , ZONE BLOCKS , COLOURED LINES , BLACK DOT CENTRE LINE and the LINES all MOVE WITH THE STEERING WHEEL . I just need to run the cable down the side of the car and up to the dash display camera input. The camera and rear door trim were all removed from a 2014 fiesta with factory fit camera module . I have made up the extra wires for the ford camera as it also requires DATA from the BODY module in order to be able to control ford camera functions from the head unit. All Functions all work perfect so just need to run a cable to the display from the rear camera for the video. Does any one have any pictures of the air ducting or where it should fit for extra cooling of the 5" monitor . also did the camera video cable run via the roof or near the nearside sill on the edge of the carpet. ? I have the extra cooling parts but not sure where they were located so need to see pictures of a factory fit with satnav with the top cover removed. thanks for your help. ........Ford said the factory sat nav and factory camera can not be retrofitted .....but can now confirm they were wrong
  3. Ok done that and has solved the problem. My miles are back at last ......thank you for your help
  4. Ok , I have now used forscan to change CC to with park assist camera and pressed write to ecu . Tested but still did not blank display . Then done a RESET on the display unit and now when I put car in reverse the monitor blanks and the four icons appear at the lower edge of the screen . This now all look to be what I would expect as I do not yet have the video from the rear camera connected so as soon as I get some spare time I will wire this up and see what I get. This had to be done in engineering mode. Any one overcome the Km to Miles problem of being stuck in Km after Sat Nav fitted ? I will have a better look at the forscan options once I get the camera working and is looking good so far.
  5. I have a genuine fiesta reverse camera and has about 6 wires as far as I can remember. I had to swap the outer tail gate trim ,tail gate switch and number pate lights but all looks great just need to get it to work. I also have a green plug and short cable which I need to connect up to the video signal from the ford camera. I know the camera works as I powered it up and connected it to my tv indoors and worked great. The pink and black connectors are for the radio aerial loop through so the traffic warnings are picked up by the satnav. The blue connector is for the GPS aerial. So have you not programmed your config to enable the reverse camera socket yet as if not I will read up to see what I can find as need to get my camera working now. Your camera will be easy to wire up with just a rca and you may beable to power the camera off the reverse light but if not a small relay off the reverse light should work for switching the 12volt . you also need alter the audio cables and think it was two wires or you will not get sat nav audio
  6. Hi , I have a 2013 fiesta ecoboost titanium x that I have swapped the display screen to the 5" sat nav screen and rewired the audio connections. I have also installed a ford fiesta rear camera and wired most wires but still need to wire the video signal to the green socket on the rear of the sat nav screen. Please can you advise me as to what program and adaptor you used to re config and what settings you altered to enable the rear camera socket when in reverse. My car had reverse parking system but no camera when built. All my car functions work fine except the camera input and the car is stuck in Km and will not change over to Miles. I have a elm interface with can speed switch and wondered if this can be done with forscan . The head unit and Display were changed and have confirmed the Km to Miles change over if I plug the standard display back into the car. I wondered if the Km problem is due to firmware but expect the camera socket will be down to config. Thanks for your help in advance
  7. I am thinking of a external sensor module that could be mounted on the side of the tank and will detect the water level from the outside. I have a Jacuzzi bath that uses this method of water level detection as to prevent the pump starting with low water level. I will have a search to see what I can find . This would then make it easy to drive a small bright led and if required a audio device of some type. These sensors will cost more than a standard level switch but would not require altering the tank by holes etc . I am not sure how they work but think it may be a infra red beam that is reflected by the water ? any one seen a device like this on a bath etc
  8. I looked at my car this morning and the lower hose is the same as this but the interconnect part of the hose is black and made of metal as I tested it with a magnet. The condition of the metal looks perfect from the outside . Would you say this is the later hose or should it have a all rubber hose ? I am now thinking of fitting a coolant level sensor and warning LED in the dash to prevent engine melt down. Has any members done this or know of a universal level sensor that would fit the tank ? thanks again for all your help
  9. Hi , thanks for the reply. I looked up the reg but says No Campaign Message(s) found but my car does have the plastic clips where the hoses fix to the expansion bottle so I would think they would require upgrade.
  10. Hi , I have a 2013 fiesta titanium X ecoboost 1.0 123 and has been a fantastic car and just got to 20k on the clock with no problems. I have just got the new car mechanics magazine and lists a problem with the degas hose which I think goes from the coolant tank to the turbo and can be the cause of rapid coolant loss and a cooked engine as to warning on dash in time. I have had a google and found lots of problems with the degas hose plastic part braking but all relate to the Ford Focus. When this happens the engine is often scrap due to over heating and also found other posts on the Focus with cracked cylinder head. Do any of these problems relate to the FIESTA . I also read on the focus it is the early cars and my fiesta was registered the end of march 2013. Please can any info of fiesta ecoboost coolant loss , hoses or head problem as I do not want a cooked engine in the near future if I can help it. Has the degas hose be modified on the fiesta range ? or are we sure it is only focus models which came out before the ecoboost fiesta. thanks for all your help.
  11. Well that confirms my car is normal as on warmer days it warms up fast. Thanks for your help with your tests
  12. So behind the display and under the top cover with the air grill on it ? Is the gps aerial the same part number for the mirror and screen mount locations are are they different ?
  13. I was told it was by the rear view mirror but have not seen any pictures of where it goes. It would be a great help if any one could post a picture of the fitted location so I can finish this project . Thank you in advance for your help
  14. I have a 03/2013 titanium X ecoboost fiesta of which I have retrofitted the ford 5" led screen with navigation . This all works perfect apart from the car is stuck in KM instead of Miles but I know that requires software / firmware update. The simple question is that I can not confirm the factory fitted position of the GPS aerial and so it is still in my glove box But works great ! Has any member found the location of the gps aerial of the 2013 fiesta or newer . Please can any member help me. My car has the Sony head unit , DAB , Navigation , Sync , with standard roof AM /FM/ DAB aerial . Thanks
  15. Hi , I have had my 125 ecoboost March 13 fiesta for just over a year and when I got it noticed it took about 5 or 6 miles to warm up on a cold day. With normal weather temp of say 10 deg or more car warms up fast and no problems but with outside temp of 6 deg car is slow to warm up. I tested the car tonight and after a drive of about 5 miles the temp gauge shows just two bars lit and after 6 to 7 miles 3 bars lit on gauge. The car drives perfect and would not notice any problems apart from slow to warm up on cold days. I can not think this is normal for this engine as they use a cast iron cylinder block for rapid warm up but would like to ask other members how quick the engine warms up on colder days ? I can only think may be a faulty thermostat but not sure which one as read the ecoboost engine has two thermostats. I had the heater on auto at 26 deg but did not blow much and noticed slow to warm up inside the car. How quick does other members cars warm up on cold days please ? Thanks for help in advance