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  1. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I have just looked at my Jan 2013 125 pipes and show very slight rust @ 23500 miles on the clock.
  2. Air con leak - 09 Fiesta

    best way is with the system empty , disconnect pipes and blank them off. Then pressure test the rest of the system and see if the leak is cured . The condenser is very common and with the bumper removed and system pressurised brush soapy water all over the front of the condenser and look for any bubbles or foaming to prove where the leak is. I have found many car aircon leaks as most garages do not want to spend the time looking for a leak !. Leak finding is often time consuming but well worth it when found. Do not pressure test no more that 10bar or you can damage the evaporator.
  3. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    yes I am sure you could to that but you would have to have low resistance switching to make sure as I expect that the alarm uses that switch. The way I have done it it just switches a resistor in parallel to trip the warning so the low brake fluid will also still work as normal. I have all electronic mods completed now so need to find some time to clean the car up now . I have leart a bit more from playing with Forscan and now makes more sense to me.
  4. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    I used JB WELD as it can stand up to 287 deg. I used a thin film between the bottle as to not alter the sensing of the water and a thicker ring around and is rock solid and has now been fitted for some time now. what do you think of the warning system ?
  5. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

  6. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    Update I wired the coolant sensor and relay including resistor and connected the power to a new fuse. Started car and switched to radio display and all works as before. I then with engine running removed coolant tank from fixings and tilted tank so coolant was below the sensor. After about 10 seconds the gong sounds about three times and the monitor then displays BRAKE FLUID LOW . I this refitted the coolant tank while engine still running and the low brake fluid warning is turned off waiting for a repeat low level signal from the sensor so all works perfect I then reprogrammed the body computer and wired up the data wire and new power fuse for my CAT 1 Alarm conversion and again all works perfect and can now open boot with alarm set and close without tripping the interior sensor. I will try to take some pics to show you the warning and install later. I can sleep now as all possible extras are fitted and working and I know my ecoboost will not melt !
  7. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    I have now run three wires across the back of the engine loom for two power cables and one data cable. These are to power ST Cat 1 alarm conversion with interior scan in roof light and the other power cable is for my low coolant warning system. I will try if I have time tomorrow afternoon to wire the alarm sounder and then the low coolant sensor and reed relay. I will then just need to re config the body computer to change alarm system to Cat 1 (all ready set up interior scanner) and test the alarm and low coolant warning. Today took me a long time running the cables as I wanted to put these inside to standard loom as much as possible and then had to run a data wire for the alarm sounder to the passenger footwell.. tomorrow should be easy apart from making this all look neat. when I get this done I will try to make a video of the coolant warning working by lifting the coolant tank and tilting it to trip the low level. No programming or data wires are needed for the coolant warning as this was only for the cat 1 alarm change.
  8. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    Not yet as my mum passed away a few weeks ago but hope to have a update very soon. I just need to wire it all up which should be the easy part.
  9. I have a ecoboost TITANIUM X which did not have deflation system . I added this to my car by adding the settings with in forscan. When I first added this I had lots of abs and active city stop errors but after a abs module reset all works perfect with deflation in the menu and just hold a button down to store the tyre settings.
  10. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    Do not alter the wires for the green connector at the back of the monitor as this is working. The power supply will be the wire from the camera that goes to +12 Volts (battery power). I expect your camera instructions said to connect this to the reverse light for the power ? may be a red wire ? This is the wire that must have 12 volt battery power all the time the ignition is switched ON.
  11. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    The turning line function and zoom will never work with a after market camera . The reason your camera blanks is you are supplying your camera power from the reverse lights and not a ignition switched 12 volt supply. To retrofit a ford camera is a more complex job as I have done.
  12. Reverse camera, sony nav retrofit

    You will not get the turning line to work on your camera simply because it is not a genuine ford camera .
  13. Fiesta 2013 or later Alarm sounder Location

    yes reading the circuit the standard has a alarm sounder horn and the ST has a battery backed up alarm horn so they do not use the normal horn.
  14. Reverse camera, sony nav retrofit

    I think your find your problem is the fact that your camera is being powered from your reverse light ????? This must be a constant 12 volt supply all the time the ignition is ON. The genuine camera uses a always live 12 volt supply. The system should show the camera after you come out of reverse gear and so if you have taken the power from the reverse lamp that will be your problem