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  1. Hi , I retrofitted the interior light with intrusion sensors and main functions work perfect but may have one problem. I reprogrammed with forscan to say with sensor and works great but have a question for owners of cars that were factory fitted with this alarm with intrusion. Before I fitted the sensor I could lock the car (keyless entry /push button start) and with the remote in my pocket press the tailgate button and open the tailgate with the perimeter alarm still set. With the new sensor fitted I can still do this but the alarm triggered soon after shutting the tailgate and indicators flashed. A unlock /lock cured the problem so looks like after shutting the tailgate , air moving inside the car tripped the alarm. I can only think this must be a program config error or the tailgate should not open with alarm set (with key in pocket) Can any owners of cars with internal sensors on the light confirm if you are able to open and close the tailgate without triggering the alarm (keyless cars only) Thanks . If I do not open the tailgate the alarm set alarm works perfect with the new sensors.
  2. I looked into other sensors and all I found was a ebay contactless sensor for under £5 inc postage from china . I can not see this being a reliable sensor . I am sure that when I cut a smooth hole for this sensor it will seal fine and strengthen around by the nuts on the sensor. My new sensor did not come today so hope it comes tomorrow.
  3. I have had many years working with electronics and always like to fit upgrades to the best possible standard and most of all work well and always must look factory fit. My sensor will come today so will do some tests to confirm it will work ok in the space available and then fit this to the tank. I am just looking at the circuits so I can see all options available first but don't think this will be long before its done.
  4. looking into a warning indication for low level. Thinking of getting a second hand cluster to dismantle and see what options I have. I may look at adding a yellow led for the high temp light so I can add a extra input to the red temp symbol . option 2 it would be easy to trip the low brake warning light by making it flash. Option 3 would be to trigger the chimes ? Does any one know if the dash has a unused coolant level light ? I expect we will not be that lucky
  5. This is the level sensor I have ordered and works with temps -10 to +120C so no problem with the range. I will remove the tank and drill with care and may just file the hole to the required size . I will then refit the tank and then think about what warning system is best to warn the driver of coolant loss. This type of sensor will not give false alarm as long as fitted below the water level and is fitted to the inside of the tank with sealing washer and nut on the outside of the tank. The reed switch is only designed to switch a signal or very low current so will need to switch a transistor or relay in order to control higher current.
  6. I have ordered a coolant level switch and will fit this in the side of the coolant tank and has a seal and nut to make a good seal on the tank and hole will be 16.5mm . I was just going to wire this up to a LED and get this to light if the level switch detects coolant level drop but was then thinking does this dash have a UNUSED coolant level light ? Does any one know How the High temp warning light is triggered ? I expect the ECU lights this by monitoring the coolant temp sensor resistance , NTC ? If so thinking of a circuit to alter this resistance to enable the dash high temp light to light of flash when low coolant level detected from my new switch . Does any one know the resistance required by the ecu in order to light the red high temp light . I like the idea of a flashing temp light and wondered what the normal high temp light does when the engine is cooked . Does this red light stay on or flash ? please help as it will be a great add on for all ecoboost engine cars
  7. What was the mileage of your car when this pump failed ?
  8. Hi , I have just got a interior light with intrusion detector from a 2012 ranger , swapped over the location blue LEDs with the orange ones from the old light. I then added tree wires for the power , ground and data for the extra ultrasonic sensor and then reprogrammed the body computer to enable its options and control via the front display monitor. Just tested the alarm with window down and all works perfect . Last upgrade to do is add front parking sensors , parking switch and bumper wiring for sensors and reprogram the body computer again. other mods completed was adding Tyre Deflation monitoring (now all working) and Navigation System all working with Miles/Km selection and Sync upgraded to 1.1 (all working) Also added factory fit Reverse Camera with lines controlled by steering wheel position (all working) Pics to follow later
  9. 13 Reg 21,500 miles no problems (125bhp)
  10. Hi , I am retrofitting a front interior light which has the built in intrusion sensors for the alarm system for glass break etc. My light fitted with no sensors had two orange leds one each side of the buttons for location lights and wondered if the sensor version of this lamp had them ? My replacement lamp has two holes one each side with a deeper slot and wondered if this is where the leds were fitted on this version of the light. I think I should be able to swap the orange leds over to the new lamp if not fitted but would like to know if that was how they were designed for the sensor version. Can any one confirm this or have a picture of the sensor version of the light with the orange leds lit up. Thanks The first link is like my current light and the second link is for my replacement lamp .
  11. I have had a search and found that the BCM Plugs are BLUE & WHITE and as far as I can see all front main loom wires are fitted in my car so that just requires bumper loom , sensors and switch if required and a reconfig with forscan so will be done soon .
  12. I am on the last two stages of my project which is to install and wire up the front factory fit parking sensors and later to add intrusion detector for the alarm system. I have all the circuits and the front wiring for the parking sensors goes from Plug C139 (I think approx. location if fitted would be near the OSF fog light ?) This C139 6 wire plug goes back to the body computer Plug C2280D pins 6 , 11 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23. Does any one know what plug this is on the body computer as it has what looks like seven plugs , GREEN , BLUE , WHITE , GREY and three larger plugs . I hope the front wires are in the engine bay loom but if not will add then if required. The plug C139 near bumper would then go into the front parking sensor loom which the sensors plug into. My car had rear parking sensors so any chance of the front cables being in the loom ? Any one had the bumper off and can confirm location of C139 where the sensor loom joins the main loom ? Does any one know what plug on the body computer is C2280D ? Where does the PARKING SWITCH wire to and what does this do ? does it just turn the front sensors off ? I expect the switch must also wire to the BCM ? Any info with thanks in advance . Should I be able to see C137 with front OS Wheel arch removed ?